August 9th, 2010

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Da: "[business update, jargon stuff, randomosity] But in the end they said it all looked great and would get back to me, they just had to take it back and give it a look through, because it's a... a... Oh, it's right there, a 'p' word that means they just have to do it because they do but everything's fine!"
Kiwi: "Perfunctory?"
D: "No no! P...p..."
K: "Perusal?" [Decides to go the other way with it, in hopes that maybe businessmen actually do read in great detail and with meticulous care, despite initial quality.]
D: "Nope! Pha...pha...pho..."

[Hours later, Da walks into the room.]
D: "The 'p' word I was looking for was 'formality'."
K: "'Formality' with a 'p', eh?"
D: "Explains why I couldn't find it. It's an 'f'."
K: "That's why you get paid the big bucks."

Ah, my lovelies, I do very much love my phamily.
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