August 7th, 2010

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The last week of camp was very difficult. All the counsellors were stressed and a little angry.

Last night I hosted for Fin, Clover and Monarch. Fin came over first. We discussed some stuff and then went silly with a dating simulator (he had never heard of them and they were mentioned on a joke video we watched) and watching YouTube vids.

Clover and Monarch drove over after 9 from the outlets, where they had apparently been for a while. It was suspicious. Regardless, I stood in the middle of the street and motioned them into my driveway; they found it hilarious. Monarch bought a remote-control helicopter.

We chatted, watched videos, sang Disney, drank, had a lovely time. Monarch and Clover were very touchy-feely. Fin was turning into Mr. Grumpy Gills about it and I needed to keep my Kiwi-head, so I poured myself a bowl of chocolate milk and drank it with a spoon. (I have strange techniques for staying myself.) I started smiling again.

We did have a really fantastic time.

Clover and Monarch headed off. Fin and I discussed how Monarch is trying to get with Clover despite her having a three-year boyfriend whom Monarch has met and liked. Fin cock-blocked during the Julie Andrews night when I had to stay over at Stony Brook. Tomorrow night Clover is throwing a shindig at hers because her parents are away; Fin and I will both be blocking tomorrow night.

We discussed his troubles with Willow - she hasn't responded to his request for a second date - and the Monarch/Clover stitch. Just lots of things in general. It was nice. We are both conflicted with how much we wish the stress of camp would end (campers) but the summer would go on (counsellors).

He wants a girl. I life to go on feeling like this.

Drama is stinky but we're all dealing. Hopefully nothing will blow up. If it does, I'll work hard to pick up the pieces and duct-tape them back together, lots of hugs as always. Fin and I were life!bandaids for Princess Pine last week. We'll do it for whoever's next.

For now I'm off to take a shower, get ready, pack an over-night bag (Clover has a pool!) and go on some errands to get some birthday stuff for Fin. He's so excited about his birthday that I thought we might as well start celebrating nice and early; he deserves it.

Fin, Monarch and Clover think I'm cool! Apparently they talk about me and how I'm excellent! This made my little Kiwish heart grow three sizes too big. (:
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