August 4th, 2010

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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In high school I took Plant Materials with one of my favourite people of all time, Ms. Watson. We all ended up with Latin names as we were learning the scientific names of plants. Mike was Maple/Acer, Laura had one to do with a plant of similar name, had a few more that I can't recall...

One day a student asked Ms. Watson, "What fruit would you be?" [Probably in relation to my name being a fruit.] She responded, "Quince! Chaenomeles! They're sour and make good jelly." I was already calling her Watsonii at that time, so I added Chaenomeles and told her she was a true example of binomial nomenclature. She was entertained. (Occasionally she was also 'Quercus watsonii' since we were both oak-tree people.)

I didn't mention it in the recent chain of emails we've had.

She sent me one that she's having terrible foot pain and a very busy August and can't see me this summer. She blessed me for working with the 'wee ones' because she could never do it.

She signed the email 'Chaenomeles'. I think my heart just burst. Oh, how the little things touch me!
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