August 3rd, 2010

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It seems that the more effort I put into falling asleep in the evening, the more exhausted I am in the morning. Perhaps that's only the very first moments. I'm a little bit closer to fine now.

Ah well. Shower time for work again.

Water week. Rain mobiles? Water cycles? Boat building?

Who knows. I certainly don't. Lesson plan? What lesson plan?
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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When I was at the Indie Art Fest in Providence with joyitude, we saw Roller Derby girls. They were hot. We visited their booth and they told us to try out. It reminded me so much of Whip It! that the little fangirl in me cried for joy.

Hip, my goodness, if you ever cooperate me...we're gonna throw on some fishnets, some shiny-arse over-panties and skate!

(Today Myccorhizae thought that I was playing/singing when I had Zoë Lewis' song on. I squeed. As if I could ever be that good. However, I did finish the song I wrote for my counsellor friends - one verse for each counsellor. It's long but entertaining.)
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Just watched Affinity, a film adaptation of the book by Sarah Waters of the same name.

I put down 'watch a film' on my To Do List (TDL) thinking that, oh, it would cheer me up. Apparently I entirely forgot EVERYTHING about that book until half-way through the film, when I had realised what sort of creek I had set myself down. Ah well.

The lead actress' face reminds me of my sisters - the sharp cheekbones, I believe. I see my sister in under two weeks. At least that was a pleasant reminder.

Made the mistake of looking at my calendar today. Must August really be the month before September? Sigh. It feels like so little time. I do wish you would shush up with your foreboding presence, calendar!
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I keep a folder on my desktop called 'Desktop' where, essentially, everything gets thrown when I'm not sure what to do with it / don't want to sort it yet / am sick of having it in front of my beautiful changing wallpapers. Occasionally I throw copies of everything onto my harddrive, since by this time I am incredibly used to computers that decide to kill themselves on me.

Today I had 'add desktop to harddrive'. To my surprise, I found a copy of the 'desktop' folder from my previous laptop, from Spain-times.

What do I find? Why, the 2,000 words of Minerva!Fest material I thought I had lost! Jolly fine day, isn't it?! :D
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