July 26th, 2010

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For one moment in this small blip of my summer, I have the time, patience and ability to put up with your shite and get my songs printed out. You can not pull this utter donkey-dung on me and stop working after ONE SONG. I have waited too long for this and after laughing yoga/meditation, my legs resemble spaghetti too much to head back to my room, find my mem stick and figure out where the frak it plugs in on this monstrous Cylon frakking computer.

I am peeved with you. Get your shite together. There's a reason I recommend you to my friends. Don't make me regret spreading the word.





P.S. No just kidding I don't actually have the energy for any of these emotions. My face is utterly blank typing this up. There's a general under-the-surface vexation... Please start working. I want to be sleeping by 11p.m. Gee, wouldn't THAT be nice.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Well. Since Gmail has decided it still doesn't want to work, I will get something else done. It's been a week since I made any sort of livejournal post (Gmail, you and your rants officially don't count toward life). Once upon a time that wouldn't have been a big deal but at this point it does!

The 17th. The Mrs. Cav get-together went well. She wants us to communicate through snail mail. I was a little disappointed at first, but hey, now I'm very game! Snail mail is fun! And I have her cell number for when I'm around in the States. She enjoyed the song I wrote about chemistry, even though I was super duper nervous. (:

The next exciting day that I can remember right now is the 22nd, a Thursday. I got together with Cake/Katie and we went to Panera. There we called Eric, who is a goon; we love him for that very fact. We hung out for a while watching The Real L Word and eventually Eric showed up at my house. We discussed a great many (often inappropriate) things and shared a number of good strong laughs. Dweeb brought up Merf, SJ and Ben to add to our party. At some point Joe showed me a video that killed me dead - the applications (email, Firefox, word document, etc) of a Mac having a conversation/getting up to no good while a student was procrastinating on a chemistry assignment. I lost my waffle all over the place, fell on the floor laughing, hit my head on the table and got caught under a sheet. I stood up reporting, "If I were a squirrel, I would have lost my nut." Cake then fell over (literally) laughing as well, until we were both pools of laughed-out human on my kitchen floor. The quality conversation continued, we all hung out, and eventually I drove her home. My brother and I then spilled souls and grokked until half three in the morning, when I went to sleep for some limited zombie zzzz time before work.

Friday the 23rd I drove to Providence. I had a fantastic time at Cassia & Zephyr's (that household needs a name because as a unit because it's not just theirs). Cassia, Zephyr, Speedy and I Skyped with Molly. I nearly fell asleep. We spent much time laughing and generally having a good time.

Saturday the 24th Cassia and I headed into Providence, where everything just went wrong (in that it went very very right). The first problem was that while I was driving into Providence on the Friday, my heart just kept telling me I was coming home. I responded quite firmly, "No, you see, this is a problem, because this is not my home" but it sure as heck didn't want to listen. Exploring Providence only cemented this idea. Everything fit pretty perfectly. I got some new perfect shades that flip up and have inspired countless compliments from friends and strangers alike. New water bottle that I am in love with - good camp purchases. Crepes at the creperie, food at a nice little shop, bubble tea (kiwi flavour included!) everywhere, colours, mmmm mmm good. Cassia and I then watched Shortbus, an incredibly strange and graphic film about a therapist who can't have an orgasm. It was interesting watching a film about a pre-orgasmic woman, being one myself.

That evening I watched some United States of Tara and left for light_cascades's party. I had a blast even though I was completely exhausted. Her friends are fantastic. Great food there, too. I was too tired for The Gallery and dropped those plans. Came home.

Sunday the 25th I went to Lowell Folk Festival with Dragonfly and Monarch from work. We had a fantastic time wandering around. They purchased some stuff. I just grabbed a bite (erm, huge American-proportion plateful!) of food and some drinks. Watched people dancing in one of the tents - one of the happiest moments I've had in a while! Met up with Clover and some of her friends for a while and visited a strange art show. Everything was pretty hilarious. On the way to dropping me off, Dragonfly mentioned going to laughing meditation on Chestnut Street in Franklin at some church. I questioned it and yes, of course it happened to be my crazy UU church. We arranged to go together.

Today. Well. Camp was camp. I taught kids about plants. I received some interest. Bla bla bla, Latin names, binomial nomenclature, pit falls, funnels, trees, bla blabitty blah. Afterward planned the evening with Dragonfly. Drove home, did some corresponding, waited for her to pick me up. We drove off to go to Applebees but it closed down - so sad! Had so much history in that place. We went to Panera and had some important camp conversations (about administration and the like) but soon got bored with work chit-chat and moved on to life (Dragonfly: I want babies but not now; Kiwi: lesbians are frakking crazy, no I do not want to date!). Eventually headed off to church.

Laughter meditation was fantastic. We had some exercises like pretending to be sprinklers or picking laughter fruit or having laughter balloons popping under our pits or swimming through seaweed, and we all walked around looking in each others' eyes and just laughing. Fantastic. Then, I'm a big fan of laughing, so none of mine was even fake. I was apparently pretty popular with my actions and my big booming laughter. For once, my constant chortles fit in perfectly! Delightful. We had breathing exercises in between, then some relaxed time on the floor with laughter that ranged from silent to full-blown pile-'o-laughter. Great to go with the flow. Left feeling fantastic, as I always do after some good laughter.

I suppose that means this week has primarily been about laughter. That's wonderful!

On the down side, I only have a few days left to crank out a fic and my vocabulary has escaped me. Muse, writing ability, ideas...all gone. Well, that's not true. I always have ideas. We'll see. Somehow I always tend to pull SOMETHING out of the bag, even if it's a McGonagall Animagus scratching and hissing, reluctant to see the light of Internet spotlights...
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