July 15th, 2010

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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There was a moth in my fan. I'm glad it found its way out.

I have new jeans, three pairs, cheap from Savers. That is happy.

Today I had a group of campers because Clover is ill - ruddy antibiotics. I will have another group tomorrow. That means I had I Am Specials tonight (which require cutting out, colouring and writing on). They kept me up until now and I still haven't decided what awards I'm giving to what campers. Rawrg.

Today my family finally replaced the microwave (I say this lovingly) my father blew up. I went out, bought my first microwave popcorn in half a year and made it. Kettlecorn + soysauce + chili powder = mmm. I'm a strangling.

Watched Up while going through the box of old stuff my mother saved. I was a strange child. I drew a lot and made up many animal characters. I was an odd junior high student. I was in love with a girl I called Hunnu. I drew more pictures. I occasionally wrote mean poetry about my algebra teacher; other than that I wrote pathetic dark poetry.

I wasn't very happy and I had an attitude deeper than the Atlantic and Pacific put together. Somehow, my parents put up with it - although I don't remember the discipline they apparently utilised (read some of the sheets today).

Read my Aggie essay. It made me laugh. Read some recommendations. Read the initial note from my mother to my dance instructor that my leg was hurting and I was sitting out of dance, just watching - soon later, I fractured my hip (everyone had said it was a pulled groin; it wasn't). Found some other old gems, and a lot of stuff I had thought was private but wasn't. Mostly I found pictures I had looked for once upon a time but had assumed were lost.

The inner-14 year old spent her time groaning, "No way! Privacy please! Seriously! Why do you have this stuff?! This was mine, you weren't meant to see it!" True. Some of me still agrees. I think I wish some of it wasn't kept, but it was, so there.

Wish I had more time to digest it but I have to go to sleep, then camp, then home, then to Cassia's, then to Rocky, then a tiny bit of sleep, then meeting with Mrs. Cav, then home for cleaning, some more scant sleep, then Dweeb's graduation party, and soon enough it's camp again on Monday. Time feels very...fast-forwarded lately.