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Kiwi Crocus
10 July 2010 @ 12:11 pm
I planned to make this post ages ago, but I have the time and memory now to do it, so I thought I'd better make it late than never.

I write Harry Potter fic. Pretty sure everyone on my flist now knows this - I have been since I was 13, so it's really no big shocker. :P Last year I got to know some dashing (but pesky) women in a small but lovely corner of fandom; they started making me join these exchange fests. I joined one, bit my nails down to nothing (well, would have, if that were a vice of mine) and wrote a last-minute story. It apparently made my last-minute beta cry.

It went off, tetleythesecond got a read of it and apparently enjoyed it. That put me at ease and many squees.

I signed up for a second fest. What name did I see in my next email? Why yes, tetleythesecond! My esteem for her had risen even since the first fest, and now I knew I had produced something for her that she had already appreciated...so instead of thinking, 'ah, well, surely I can do it again!' I groaned and moaned, 'Oh no! I'll never get out another piece she'll enjoy and on top of that she'll KNOW WHO I AM!' Peril at its finest, writing panic.

I wrote. I spent an all-nighter researching, planning, outlining and another writing writing writing. I fell into the characters. I learned to love the process again. I finished and achieved writer's amnesia of once more forgetting that I DO love the process, in time to dread the next fest. All was normal.

tetleythesecond got read of her second back-to-back piece from me and, obviously, knew who I was. Once more she seemed to enjoy her fic. I was delighted by her comments and, indeed, all the comments.

But at one point, you ask, did I ACTUALLY squee? Well, I'll show you:

Yes, there were some out there who thought The kellychambliss wrote my fic. I am incredibly grateful to have met these wonderful women of fandom and they are all fantastic writers. Kelly is credited with drawing me back into fandom, though, and it's her writing that I first discovered to reel me back in. To then find that some people guessed her as the writer of my fic...!

Well, I'll tell you, that's when I squeed. And hopped around the room. And squeed some more.

Thank you, tetleythesecond, kellychambliss and all other whacky wonderful witty whimsical women of wizarding and witching fandom!
Current Mood: ecstaticDelighted.