June 20th, 2010

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I think I'll make a pride-season post soon with pictures of me at Boston pride and descriptions of fantastic rainbow living, Boston and Providence.

For now, just posting to say I'm at light_cascades's after a wonderful Pride day with her, some of her friends, Toast and various people (including a quick hug with Cassia, yay!) culminating in nuuuummy food at IHOP. Mmm pancakes.

Friendship and consideration are the themes of this month, I have decided. So my thoughts are tip-toeing around that and I'm really thinking about my life in a new way.

I also have a new shirt, which always brings fresh air to my life thoughts. (: Rainbow! Pleased.

Completely knackered and a bit sore. My body has run me down some, especially given it's my moon time. I was on my moon for the last Providence Pride two years ago, too; at least my body has decided to try at consistency. Ready to be done for the month.

Dissertation lit. review at 3,360 words out of 3,500 with much more to cover. I will be doing a lot of cutting once I finish up with what I'm including! Thankfully I can keep an uncut version and basically use that in the dissertation itself.

It is sleep time. That is very much the truth. Zonks ouuuut.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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To procrastinate on my dissertation, I picked a new livejournal layout. It makes me smile. It reminds me of Harold and Maude quotes. I can see BOLD again! And, my favourite, usernames show up again - with an adorable little star! (: This one is definitely a keeper.

I am going to have to actually work between leaving light_cascades's (look, I can see it!) and getting to joyitude's for her housewarming party. I am looking forward to the party. I am not looking forward to the work.

(Yes, that means I had more dissertation nightmares last night. As well as witch-teaching-in-a-Muggle-school dreams and Callie-Arizona-threesome dreams [wtfery] and my-friend-group-is-whack dreams. Somehow, the dissertation ones were still most frightening.)

ETA: 4 more entries until 2,000. That's crazy. I've been on this journal for 5 years come September, plus another 2 years on other accounts. Wow. That's intense!
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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It seems this weekend is a post-y weekend. I like posting when I end up in new places. I left light_cascades's a bit ago and drove to Malachi's in Providence. It's a little fair-trade, shade-grown coffee shop with WiFi and a fantastically kind owner. It also has half-off refills. I have just finished a peanut butter and banana mocha with vanilla soy milk and it was delicious. This is a great place for studying, school meetings and chilling out.

Plus it has AC, which is lovely after the drive here! It was only a few minutes yet I had sweat trickling down my neck by the time I pulled in.

So far no dissertation work - I am a Master Procraster - but really enjoying the atmosphere. I'll start on it again in a minute. Honestly.

Chatting: I haven't done one of these in a while, so I thought I would! Feel free to comment here just with the intent to chat - whatever fandoms, RL, imaginary goop up in your head, it's all good! Cupcakes. Deciduous trees. How much sweat you have encountered in the last 3 hours. Shoot. Or rant. Blowing off steam is good. (:

Feel free to reply to other people! The 'chatting' thing is basically how I run my entire livejournal and all my posts, but sometimes I like to actually type it up and remind people to chat and let out the sillies. :D Shake out the sillies!
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Please excuse my abuse of livejournal lately. It'll end again soon, I'm sure.

Sometimes I livejournal because I'm just in one of those Perfect Moments - the sort of moments I set up my life to find. They're usually not big, or planned, or even the ones a lot of people remember. Often times they're moments in transition, or moments of waiting. They're just those moments of Being along the path from here to there, the ones so many people can miss because not much is Happening except for the general goings-on of life that are always present. I like to sit back and recognise what is going on and appreciate the moment just for being a moment, and stopping to admire how much beauty a moment can possess. Usually they're filled with gratitude: thoughts of 'I am so profoundly grateful to be alive and experiencing this transitional, ordinary moment in life.'

It's raining - storming - in Providence, Rhode Island. Sensible cars have replaced the motorcycles driving by. The owner had me turn on the little lamp to my left; he turned on the outside lamp.

I'm drinking the most taste-bud-sensational cold-blended white hot chocolate with whipped cream and dribbled chocolate sauce. I am laughing at myself for having such a sweet tooth, but it's what I need to work on dissertations. Celery, carrots and hummus with water or lemonade work for moments of camp, preparing to teach children about deciduous leaves and pine cones; chocolate and sugar are for the moments in life that threaten to eat me whole but can't get a grip on me if I stay peaceful. The chocolate is for the peace. (:

The people behind me are talking about education and their classes. I can tell that they're intellectual folk and it's comforting chatter to hear. I saw a lesson plan open on one of the laptops near-by and it made me more comfortable to know I have a Word Document titled "Goethe's contribution to plant developmental biology" hidden away behind this land of Livejournal.

I'm breathing. It always feels nice to be reminded of that.

It's a very ordinary moment. It still feels remarkably beautiful and Right. Sometimes it feels like my life is more accurately described as wanderings ('important decisions', planned events, 'key moments') dilly-dallying around moments like these, which actually feel like the anchors despite their supposed insignificance. Maybe that's just what being an introvert is - finding Home Base in the peaceful, simple moments. I'm not sure. I just know it feels absolutely lovely.

So, even if this is blatant abuse of my flisties' reading abilities, I hope this post has passed along even a portion of the peace I'm presently feeling. (: May peace be with you! (Unless you want electric excitement right now; I'm always willing to offer that as well: I have a pretty endless supply.)
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