June 18th, 2010

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Dear Brother:

You do not have 'zero priority' over the car. 'Needing the car to work 14 hours' and 'needing the car for 15 minutes', as your point boiled down to, are not the same thing.

Yes, you pretty much solely drove the car for 9 months. NO, you CANNOT use that as an excuse for rage! You know what? Before you had a license, *I* had free range of the car too! And before we BOTH had licenses? What do you know: it was known as "Dad's Car" - bet he's missing those days! We have to face the fact that these are OUR CARS, the whole family's, and we have too many drivers for too few cars.

It just so happens that your current life is based primarily close-by: Wrentham, Franklin, Medway. Your primary work is within biking distance. Your friends are within 20 minutes and all pretty much drive or are able to WALK here with no issues.

My life is not based close by: my job is in Norfolk. Even if the DISTANCE were bike-able, my missing fibula, hip replacement and chronic over-stimulation pain tend to mean that's a no-no. My friends are scattered around the state and into the next; many of my friends don't drive.

This week was a good week for me to drive into training every day. We got out at random times, I had a lot to bring back and forth, yadda yadda, it was my first week. After this I'll probably end up getting lots of rides to and from camp, or people picking up the car while I'm in camp. No bug dwak. Honestly, if I could bike to my happy kids-for-the-earth natural history camp, I WOULD - exercise and environmentally sound, yay! But I can't. Oh well.

And, yes, you can rub the 14-hour work day in the family's collective face. Then, if I feel mean, I can stomp on you with my 40-hour full-time-job hours. I am exhausted every evening, and we haven't even met the CHILDREN yet - we will be zombies by the end of kid-packed days. On the weekend, I want to get out and have a little fun.

It just so happens that this weekend the fun is in Providence for both days, so it makes the most sense to just stay over there. The way to make it work is to have a car. Many weekends, though, I'll probably joyously stay in dressed in jammies to watch DVDs. And you can drive around to pick up your friend down the road and the others in our town, and go to McDonalds or whatever you do, and come home to play computer games/video games. Have yourself a very merry weekend time.

Rant over,

P.S. I am not 'unreliable'. You are just a butthead. Yes, I went there. Regression to age 6 is part of the deal.

Back to dissertation work. Sigh. Well, the anger chased out the panic for a bit. I also just found a dead spider in my dissertation binder. That has to be a symbol of something.

Apologies for the rant. Happy Kiwi will be back soon with tales of songs, ukuleles, work crushes and rainbows.

Days until I email my nearly-complete literature review: 3 (2 really).
Days until 2nd-year results come out: 5 (holy flying frakmonster).
Days until my real literature review is due: 7 (that's a bit of a relief).

As Dufualt would say: sticktoitiveness. It'll get you through anything, including the ridiculous. I mean, LOOK at that word - it embodies ridiculousness, and its definition is perseverance. Persevere through the ridiculous. Or, hell, embrace it. Easy to work through something you embrace to get to the other side. Stick to it: you'll get the hang of it. Gethehangofitness.

ETA: I said "Oh Great Gillyweed" today and Clover laughed about Harry Potter. We are Clover, Tigerlily, Willow, Princess Pine, Kiwi, Monarch, Fin, Dragonfly and Mycorrhizae. Mycorrhizae is the camp director. My work crush is on Dragonfly - she just may be the assistant director, shhhh. Can you guess which one I am? Oh, yeah, probably - I may not have had to change to a Nature Name. (;
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