June 15th, 2010

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If I am coming down with something, so help me Earth, I will do...SOMETHING!

Poot! I have Stony Brook training and CPR/First Aid training today, then three more days of Stony Brook training, a weekend for Providence Pride, Cassia's house-warming party and finishing my dissertation literature review, then my first week as a camp counsellor.

The time to get ill? No, Lady Luck, I really think not. Please converse with Senorita Serendipity and come to the realisation that there are much better times for me to get ill. I would really appreciate this.

Also, I wouldn't mind the ability to sleep a bit better. I am exhausted.

The crankiness can be blamed on a) the possibility of impending illness b) my fatique c) the knowledge that I have a ridiculously long day ahead d) the fact that it is before 10 o'clock in the morning and e) the fact that module selection for third year has to be done by this Friday and ALL MY OPTIONS STINK. I think administration just sat in a mean little circle cackling and said, "I know! Let's make a list of ALL the crap professors and then make all of them teach a third year module recommended for the Ecology kids! That'll go over great!"

ALSDKFLAKSJFKASDFJ FOO ON YOU, UNIVERSITY OF READING! Have I not put myself through enough headache to get through these professors once before in my last two years? Must you throw me under the bus to deal with them ALL in the same year?! AAAAHHHHH.