June 9th, 2010

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Thought I should put up my collab video with Barry - he edited it during my dissertation meeting (which went well - Nick was very impressed, somehow!) and uploaded it to his account. I'll get a copy of it later and Kiwify the video.

Normally I look happier and more upbeat than that, but the song is based on Evelyn Evelyn's performances (check it out on Youtube, the live version - hilarious) and in it EvelyncoughAmandaPalmer looks fairly gruff.

We did have a ball of a time creating that. Now time for me to catch up on Internet stuff. Eve bought me an ice cream cocktail at Old Orleans and now we're hanging out in Global Cafe - can't wait for the live music. (: My last live music night until next uni year!
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Forgot to mention:

Barry and I went to London on Tuesday. I got my new ukulele and am in love. We bought cheap kazoos, ate at Nandos and came home. Walking home from campus we were playing the kazoos and singing Elephant Elephant.

The best way to make an excellent impression on your project/dissertation supervisor?

Get caught walking down the street playing kazoo and singing about pachiderms with a random Irish fellow. If that doesn't work, well, I can't help you - it's my main technique, you see.

Nick was vastly entertained.

[I need a uke icon. I think that means taking a picture of Weeki - the new uke. Zamba (elder uke) has taken to her brilliantly.]