June 3rd, 2010

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This is the final Beholder rec post. I loved many stories from this batch, so I'll try to keep these short.

"The Conjugal State" by IJ's atdelphi. Argus Filch/Severus Snape. This story is HILARIOUS. Filch turned into a wife for one Severus Snape. This piece brought endless chuckles.

"Triptych: Duty, Dream, and Desire" by leela_cat. Rabastan Lestrange/Severus Snape. This was just a beautifully written story. This was one of the first Death Eater stories I truly read. Lovely story.

"Zinnia and Honeysuckle" by IJ's synn. Hooch/Sprout // Hooch/Neville (if you squint). Wibble. My goodness, this story. So, I always say that I detest flowers, and it's true in the sense that I faced them in high school: for arrangements. Floral messages/meanings, however? I die for those. This story is writ entirely with them. Beautiful! Hooch/Sprout - lush!

"The News Today (Morning Edition)" by mindabbles. Molly Weasley/Arthur Weasley, Minerva McGonagall/Arabella Figg, Augusta Longbottom/Alastor Moody. Beautiful, well-structured piece that expresses the war-time environment very well. Loved each couple!

"Post-Coital" by IJ's camillo1978. Viktor Krum/Severus Snape. PG-13. [Realised I should probably start including ratings.] The facial expressions in this piece are to die for! Excellent art.

"On the Mating Habits of Muggles & Naturalist Witches (OR Muggles in the Midst)" by ragdoll. Dudley Dursley/Luna Lovegood. R/NC-17. This story just made me cackle. Luna's take on life in this piece was hilarious.

"Fresh Start" by IJ's florahart. Alastor Moody/Viktor Krum. NC17. Hilarious and hot. That abouts sums it up. Moody and Krum are brilliant.

"Witness" by kellychambliss. McGonagall/Snape. NC-17. Read. This. Story. Yes, I know I always rec Kelly's work; it's for a reason: they're excellent! She brings this piece and setting alive with her unique OCs and connecting generations. Beautiful work!

"Air Heart" by IJ's magnetic_pole. Minerva McGonagall/Rolanda Hooch (background Minerva McGonagall/Walburga Black). PG-13. Brilliant story and inventive use of Muggles. One of the best portrayals of Hooch I've ever read and a fantastic example of Minerva's narrative.

"Beauty Is: a not-quite-love story in four bars and one hotel" by IJ's krechet/seatbeltdrivein. Sirius Black/Eileen Snape. NC17. HILARIOUS! It's touching in its own right as far endings go, but it is a favourite of mine for the humour of Eileen and Sirius.

""Sod Off" Means "I Love You"" by IJ's anguis_1. Severus Snape/Millicent Bulstrode/Dennis Creevey. R. I loved this unique look at Millicent and post-war Snape. Creevey was an interesting character as well. Excellent description of Transfiguration.


The best of the best, my gift. (:

"Conjunction" by didodikali / trickofthedark. Irma/Sinistra, Pansy/Luna. General. Beautiful, oh my goodness. Every time another look is taken there is more to discover. I adore this piece!

Now I get to start on reading SpringGen. (: I rec too much. As one can see, I'm not very picky with my fic.