May 27th, 2010

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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I am going to try to make this post short despite how much I'm packing in!

Friday: Got the two questions in the exam I needed! Went all jazzed up: fave dress, shiny leggings, rainbow legwarmers. Celebrated outside the exam hall, snuggled with Jojo and met Leile. Waited for Hayls. Mojo's with Hayls and her chem friends. Off to May's for pre-drinks. Bella Italia with 50% coupon. Back to May's for more drinking. Deep chats with her and her BFF Lisa. Crashed on May's floor.

Saturday: Home for a little bit, Mark and his friend Zoe came around for salads, off to Nick's for predrinks and chocolates. Met a cute girl with dreadlocks named Nat but she had a boyfriend. Off to the Granby for much dancing - the older lesbians had a ball pointing and laughing with (really) us. Food with Mark & Zoe, then crashing when they headed off.

Sunday: Woke up, got ready super quickly and into town for Gay Choir. For once I sang high soprano - woot for a confidence boost leading to new experiences! Pub with the choir and then Chris/Charlie from mediation society. Experienced Wynford Arms (other gay place in town) with Eve. Back to hers for films and fun. Crashed on her couch.

Monday: Into campus with Eve for Women's Campaign meeting. I am Vice President. Collected my skirt from Vagina Monologues. Met with Meaghan of RUSU. Hung around a bit. Off home for some relaxation. Off to Hayl's friend Louise's for a bbq - great fun! Met another Amanda Palmer fan. Back home for cleaning, geeking and relaxation.

Tuesday: Cleaning. Met Hayls on Wokingham for sandwiches. Back here for watching Grey's Anatomy finale. I threw my teddy bear at the screen/Arizona, but then forgave her again. We did a lot of screaming and I hid my laughter. Watched Cougar Town while eating ice cream. Had a few chats and she went home.

Have been relaxing, doing my laundry and getting back into the swing of life since. Have a meeting with my supervisor on Tuesday about the direction of my literature review. Which means I really need to start doing some reading and choosing some things I'd like to extend on! I am ridiculously frightened. But I can do this. Yes yes yes I can. Somehow. Dissertation - it's not THAT scary a word...sorta kinda... Hides under bed to come out later...

That's where I am! Made the deal that if I deal with my drying laundry, knock a few things off my To Do List (this post included) and set up my Goethe/dissertation stuff I can take a nap. Skyping with light_cascades later tonight, so I can look forward to that!

Being an 'adult' is weird.