May 21st, 2010

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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5 hours of sleep last night. 5/9 lectures I know reasonably well and if a question comes up I can hopefully perform well enough to get about a 50.

4/9 lectures are just on Orders of Insects with examples everywhere. If questions come up on those, it will be time for spewing whatever I can remember and hoping for a few points. Just need to get 25% to pass the module, 42% to get a C. Entomology is not my subject. I would be ecstatic with a C.

Cassia's Facebook wall message had nce again reminded me that this exam only tells me how I test on a certain subject - Entomology. My testing badly in entomology does not equate to being a failure, nor does it indicate anything more than an inability to recall endless insect information.

I managed to succeed pretty well with Stats (I think) and numbers are a huge issue for me, so I think I'm going to call this exam season a general win. PLUS! MORE IMPORTANTLY! Got through a DOUBLE EXAM DAY plus the rest without a panic attack - that hasn't happened since I was 15! Exams always give me panic! I don't think I'll have one before today's exam or during (I get calm then...), so I'm really just incredibly proud of that. No panic attacks. Last year I could not have imagined it. So even if I don't do that well on the exams themselves, I'm giving myself a high score for life learning & testing.

Plus I've learned some really neat stuff - even in Entomology, even if it doesn't come out well on the exam. I've done a lot of learning this year - academically and life-wise. I'm pleased and proud.

Next life lesson: not feeling that every exam is a death sentence and flying off the handle/speaking about it everywhere. But that's a lesson for next year. (:

Less than 5 hours to freedom! I can't believe I got here!

P.S. Jo is making me wear my fluffy rainbow leg warmers to cheer everyone up. I will be a strange colourful beetle - go jewel bugs!