May 20th, 2010

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Made it through another one. Got to draw two pictures of a wing: feathers and bones. My 'short-answer' pseudo-essays (uhm, I've never had an exam like this ever?) were a bit naff but they had correct information so hello, pass. Hope I got at least a 50 so I'm not ashamed to show my face to Mark.

Also finding myself less and less able to take these exams seriously when I'm IN them. When I'm revising, yeah, they're huuuuge and liiiife threateningggg (not, waves, hi delusional self) but when I get in? I'm just overwhelmed with this mix of humour - ironic, delighted, sarcastic, immature. My answers are almost jovial, silly... and I'm in a science degree. Science is supposed to be dead, boring, dry, relentless chain of facts and references. At least I'm not breaking the exclamation point rule of science; would would put an EXCLAMATION POINT in science? Some of my sense is still alive and kicking.

Sure I'll lose some marks for being conversational/not soundint that scientific, which I should probably care about, but when I'm in those exam halls I just can't seem to help it.

RANDOM EXAM HUMOUR, WHERE ARE YOU COMING FROM? Fresher year you were not here! I was merely terrified to the point of petrification by the mere existence of an exam! They were not something to be laughed about while in the exam hall! Knock it off, get back to writing like a humourless science-savvy nerd!

This doesn't bode well. Or maybe I just really have lost that inner voice that used to scream at me to GET AN A and GET A FIRST and IF YOU DON'T GET TOP MARKS YOU ARE INHERENTLY WORTHLESS that through time has become a bit of a 'hey wouldn't it be funny if you got great marks?' Maybe it's just letting me make fun of university, because it's not such a serious matter after all. I'm here to get a piece of paper that I can put on other papers to prove that I can spend years achieving a piece of paper, which required an ecologist to prent out stacks of paper while advocating for intelligent resource-usage of the general public.

Tomorrow I have an entomology exam. Insects. Fantabs. I've only been battling giant Coleoptera in my sleep since I was 15 (cheers Brodeur!). This is the lecture in which I fell asleep on my pen and stabbed myself in the nose. Summoning the energy to revis for this is going to be difficult, so I'm going to go make a sandwich. That's very obviously what I need.

Hahahaha. Remember those days I used to be a good student? Oh, who am I kidding, I'm still neurotic about every little point when it's coursework, but I am so over this 'exam' thing. They're not for everyone, you know.

P.S. I took an exam in a giant gymnasium today. The moderator men kept staring at my twinsies. CJ's quote: "Well duh! They're out! Before the exam started and you were sitting up front to my left? It was all boobs and butt in the perfect curve. I was staring too!" Jo admired them as well. This perplexed me. Uhm, good to know, I suppose. At least after this exam shindig I can still have something(s) starting with 'b', even if it isn't brains.