May 17th, 2010

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Important points I missed/came later:

Thing 1:

Sister going to continental Europe! I am thrilled for her and a little jealous. Especially because she's done. And hopefully meeting her French boy in Paris for some good fun. Also because she's spending 2 months in Germany, I think, working with horses and the like...which is just fantastic. She deserves it.

Thing 2:

Sister is now stuck at Logan due to ash. That is stardust in the worst possible way, after my getting stuck in Spain... Guess we're stardust sisters for a reason, good or bad.

Thing 3:

I am drowning in revision study guides. Raaaaah!
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Today I'm going to teach you a valueless lesson: How to draw useless conclusions that exacerbate your displeasure with lacking free time.

Step 1: Work on the thing that is consuming your free time, be it revision, assignments, marking, researching, preparing presentations...

Step 2: Find a fact and connect it to something somewhat geeky, such as something fandom related. E.g.: Henrietta Lacks (HeLa cells) died at 31 on 4th October, also Minerva McGonagall's birthday (would have been ~26). Or: Rita Skeeter is a Coleopteran animagus; entomologists pin Coleopteran specimen down to cork boards. Rita Skeeter's boggart would probably turn into a very large pin.

Step 3: Allow your bored mind to roam off into the land of ridiculous inspiration, combining two great but dangerous things: creativity (enjoyable) and work (avoidable).

Step 4: Realise this is a bad idea: groan, shake your head, sigh and go back to work.

If you are particularly successful and have drawn a spectacularly strange conclusion/connection...

Step 5: Let the thought brush your mind from time to time. Bemoan the fact that you can't act on it, and that as soon as you can you'll probably come to your senses instead and reach the true conclusion: you're a strangeling indeed!

If you are fantastic, reach the end of your slotted work time and wish to sing your freedom in oddball ways to appease the rest of your still-work-hounding fellows, continue on to...

Step 6: Do it anyway. Write a story, or a song, or a book or draw illustrations. Let us all admire your unique brain as we envy you your free time (until the tides turn...).
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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If you can't come up with ridiculous and geeky conclusions to help you procrastinate, you could always watch videos that are too cute to exist.

Such as this one: dude I'ma sloth

Eve and I just squeed all over the library.