May 7th, 2010

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Six out of eight lectures with notes, two just read through. Got some sleep - 5 hours or so...more than night before.

But, uhm, it's stats.

Is stats really a real subject? really? d'awr.

Shift finger gettin' lazy. Gonna try to wipe the sleep from my eyes and go read through the example questions & answers. Don't think I can eat - feel pretty ill and yesterday I kept gagging as I ate, so not a nice experience! Can think through hunger. Eating through gags not so nice.

It needs to be 4pm now so I can be snuggled up in bed napping away. At least this exam will feel like it's faster - yaaaay MCQs!
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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It is statistically significant (p < 0.01) that out of two binary options, I remained living through the timespan of the exam exam, for it disproves my null hypothesis that I wouldn't and suggests the alternate hypothesis that stats is not a rabid monster out to consume my soul.

I passed. I'm as close 100% sure as I ever am - I think I did rather well, hopefully.

I also came into my moon halfway through, just like I did during an exam last year. Actually I think it was my first MCQ exam in that case too.

Dear body, WHY do you have this correlation forming with MCQs? Don't you go continuing this trend or I'll slap you with a hefty Chi-Square Block!

I also managed to forget my mem stick, so yay no guilt into working - I'm gonna watch Grey's Anatomy now 'til my dissertation meeting, then go home and SLEEP! :D

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