May 5th, 2010

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Last night was amazing. It was May the 4th (Starwars Day - May the 4th be with you) so we got 50% off Dominos (my favourite kind of pizza) and watched Star Wars: A New Hope, the first/fourth one. I revised through it but it was just fantastic. The others played a drinking game to it. The walk over to get the pizza was great too - I was carrying around a light saber. (:

Today I came on campus at 10. Simon came down at 11 and we went over stats a bit. I feel much more confident about my group project due in on Monday - he has no problem with it coming in on Monday.

Have revised all day. Took on a faster method. Got through all my Weeds lectures.

I've now come to that place where usually I feel a LITTLE more confident, at least - maybe not 'I know all this material' but 'at least I know I can write an essay out of the material I know.'

I just checked all the past exam papers. I have them printed out beside me. Apparently, Bob expects us to have MEMORISED all of his lectures. Excuse me, Bob, I cannot memorise the number of weeds, herbicides and methods you mentioned for all the habitats covered.

Just...AUGH. This is my most dreaded module for just how mind-numbingly boring and terrible it is - so of course the exam will be that too. Thank Gods it's only 1.5hrs or I think I would off myself with hemlock essence. I'm trying to remember that I got a 60 (thank Earth for B's!) on the 50% test during term, so I already have 30 marks out of the 40 I need to pass...worst comes to worst, I only need a 20 on this exam. I would like more, of course, but I only NEED a 20 and I am trying to remember that.

Stats, well, stats has numbers. Numbers and I have a history of aversion. At least Friday's exam is Multiple Choice, even if negatively marked - MCQ exams are easier on the hand and the moral than essay tests. Trying to remember that I got 80-100 on the four assessments totalling 40% of the course, so I'm nearly passing just on those alone.

ASLKDFJKASD. This somehow does not make the idea of sitting for 3 hrs taking these exams any better! And no I am not ruddy frakking interested in writing an essay on Poa annua or annual meadow-grasses or...AAAH THAT IS THE ONLY ONE I REMEMBER ANYWAY AND I THINK IT'S WRONG! Explodes. Growls. going to be messy.

(This entry was supposed to be an eloquent entry about how listening to 'Defying Gravity' on my walk in this morning let me embrace my anger against school and utilise it to get through unscathed. That is clearly not what happened.)