May 4th, 2010

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Today I mopped the three loo floors and the kitchen floor, then vacuumed the two sets of stairs and the second-floor corridor. We need to get a proper broom so I don't have to stay on my hands and knees with the hand-held brush!

I have revision notes for half the material for Thursday's exam and none of the second. I have no confirmed stats time for the meeting with my professor tomorrow; he never answered my email and I stupidly didn't send one back again until today. I have thus decided to stay on campus all day tomorrow and need to go in for around 10am, I suppose. That's for the group project worth 25% that was supposed to be due the 30th that I (hopefully) have an extension on until the 10th (they never actually confirmed anything). I also have another essay due on the 10th that I've got the resources and much of the research done for.

It is still a touch too much. I am trying to keep my sanity. These incredibly shoddy lectures are making it difficult. At least with the first two I knew that I COULD write essays with the materials, even if I didn't know it incredibly well - it just transferred well to essays. This module? I fear that even if I know it all I won't be able to make it into essays. It's just ceaseless examples of (usually illegal now) herbicides, references from 1968 and charts/tables!

Peeved? Why no, not at all. :P

But of course I will get through it. And Kristine has sent me emails and messages, which was nice.

John tried 7 different things on my laptop and couldn't get it to boot enough to wipe it clean. We're going to try more things when he can sit down to do it again - we both have exams Thursday and should be revising. Suppose we'll move onto Windows XP disks soon. Last resort computer fixy place - which would require research into the best one, which also won't be fun.

I want my entries to be happy again! Happy with things like Batgirl making little duck cookies with frosting & chocolate chip eyes! -Munches on duck head.-