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Kiwi Crocus
03 May 2010 @ 01:10 am
Note: Feel better now that I have heard back from my Mummy and Faja. ♥

Funny how that can still be the case at 20. I have no doubt that will continue. What is really more comforting?

(I will always be 'Little One' - if only because I won't grow beyond 5'. :P)
Kiwi Crocus
03 May 2010 @ 07:10 pm
I like to have pens working in good order; this is especially important come exam time, when my revision requires writing everything down a lot. I am highly displeased when I have no pens in working order. Previous revision sucked my three favourite pens dry. Today I had a pen tantrum and flew all my imperfect pens around my room. My floor looks like a pen graveyard. Batgirl has given me one to use but I need to buy some proper ones tomorrow.

Weeds lectures are also consuming my soul. One lecture took me hours to get through - they're just so monotanous! The professor never could keep one train of thought going, either. And the first 4 are the most interesting ones, so the fact that #3 bored me almost to tears does not bode well when I get up to, say, #7 and have seemingly endless slides on what (now illegal) herbicides to use on some barley plant when I've never had a desire to go into agriculture in my life.

Tinboy and I will try to work with Bloob tonight. I don't have the reformating DVD, but we have an empty 2-gig USB, blank CDs and he has a USB CD slot. We're going to try to get Bloob to boot just so we can restore to factory setting - I spent time yesterday before she crashed making sure I had all my stuff on my external harddrive and had a list of programs I use. Just need to get her going enough to wipe her clean.

BESIDES all that, I also got the most amazing gift ever today! Conjunction is an Irma/Sinistra (background Pansy/Luna) masterpiece with romance, colour and so much shiny that I want to skip around. It's so beautiful! Please go admire it! I keep finding new things about it - like the rainbow border! So perfect! All of it! Oh my goodness! Love! ♥

Jo is already drunk and has been since before 6pm. I wish I could be. Going to go eat the rest of my leftover pasta, come up here and try to get another lecture done, then go downstairs and see if I can make my life more exciting again. :P