April 28th, 2010

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Adventured and revised with Eve on campus yesterday. Went to the campaign night - goodness, what a boring meeting. I don't do Uni politics well, it seems. I doodled. Ooops.

Eve came back to revise with me last night and we bought ice cream on the way home. It got late enough that I just took the extra mattress off mine and gave her a place to bunk up. We revised today, as well. (After our ice cream sandwich breakfast.)

I am pooped with revision - not that that means anything. Have officially gone through all of the Animal Behaviour lectures and made cards; I know/remember the material more now but it will be tricky to remember authors/years for exam referencing. I finished two weeks' worth of lectures for History & Philosophy of Science this evening. The other 8 tomorrow. Will then have to do extra reading and the like for both. Thursday I want to be review.

I've never had a double-exam day. They will be the 9th & 10th exams of my life. At least I know life will go on because there are plans to watch the third Gormenghast episode on Saturday. (: Just got to catch up on the one that I missed last night.

I feel nervous but grounded. Hoping to keep it that way. Too knackered to officially meditate tonight, but I'll go through the motions as I fall asleep.

I'm trying my best! I don't say this to any of you, really, but to me - I'm the one least likely to accept when I'm trying my best.
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Lisha and Jujubean are in their first exams right now. Really bringing it home that this is happening. :P And that I have TWO history-based/involved exams on Friday when history is my worst subject. Ooops! But they're just exams, right? More to life, eh? :P

(Don't pop my bubble. It's what's getting me through all this nonsense.)

Can't wait for summer-time ukulele playing and fun.

Back to listening to the Harry Potter soundtracks nonstop to keep me channeling Hermione's studiousness and Luna's strange sense of tranquil sanity.