April 26th, 2010

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Yesterday I took all day getting quite a bit done on my Environment in Practice 2 group project writeup. However, it's all crap, so that's no good. I sent a flail-y email to my professor but at at this point I just feel I'm at a bust.

BESIDES that my day was great - everyone in and out of the living room, barefoot walk through the park, all eating Chinese together & the housemates playing Robo-Something-the-bizarre-board-game, watching the first episode of Gormenghast and giggling over Zoë Wanamaker's role.

Today I came on campus and had my meeting with Mike Fry. He is actually incredibly nice and funny - much better than when I had him for class; glad he gets to loosen up with the students when he isn't dealing with the hassle of Friday-morning freshers. He told me he essentially can't say 'yes, you can go' but provided I've worked it out with my supervisor (I have) and can deal with all the stuff they throw at me (I can), he doesn't see what should stop me. A sort of 'I can't say yes, but I won't say no' response that was very helpful. We discussed extenuating circumstances and laughed about Spain.

Chatted with Mary outside Hopkins, waved at Emma when she walked by on her way to Agriculture, headed to Carrington to pick up the Student Hardship form, inquired after pictures.

My exams start in four days. The panic hasn't struck yet, but I feel constantly uneasy in my stomach - a bit ill and gurgly, blech. Trying not to feel too doomed and remember that I have all this unconditional love pouring my way that (due to its nature) won't stop based on the marks I receive.

The Student Hardship form is actually going to be incredibly difficult to fill out. I've sorted out a picture that I'll try to make work for the police record form. I've saved the 'further reading' science papers from Animal Behaviour to my memory stick, or at least the ones I could find.

I'm off to buy index cards for case study revision, then probably Mondial to meet for lunch/coffee with the Women's Campaign gals. I'm going to need it. This is my first real day of revision. Gulp.

Sigh. Is it June yet? Please? Pretty please?
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