April 21st, 2010

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I am going to do my TDL (To-Do List) the way I used to, in high school. The way that guilted me into doing things like a good Jewish mother (since mine isn't around here). Yes, I'm subjecting you all to it.

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So that's what I accomplished. A bit, but not enough. Should have to more done on Cole. This is one of those assignments that reminds me every moment just how stuffed I am. Haven't even looked at the big group project yet. Ah, phooey, these next few weeks are going to be icktastic. And I've got class tomorrow planting seeds or something.

Bridget Jones' Diary 2 was good, though; the housemates made me watch it. Read another journal paper. Work is hard when one feels ridiculously screwed. Thursday night should be an interesting push, then I've got the weekend to do the Group Project and then 4 days of cram revision before my first two exams. Rawr.

Dear Environment in Practice:

You are a full-year, two-term course with ample time to spread out our coursework and module marks. Why is it, then, that you have FORTY-FRAKKING-FIVE percent due in right when we should be revising for exams, but are incidentally also taking a week-long summer module on Habitat Management? Could you not have some of this coursework due another time? You are just so full of bad timing in my life. I do not appreciate this. You make me a hot dog mess. In all maturity, you are a bumface.

Growl rawr glare,
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Habitat Management should be renamed "Second-Year Slave Labour". It is essentially using us as brute force to help post-grads with their various projects. It also happens to be all the stuff I did (and was bored/pained by) in high school. This should be intriguing.

I wish I were one of the students out revising with friends on the green. Ccan tell it's exam season based on the number of people out there with piles of paper.

Have printed out my Science Communication work (had 20p and needed 25p so the desk people gave me and extra 10p; they love me) and have started filling out my Extenuating Circumstances form.

I've got a revision sesh for History & Philosophy of Science at 2 with Mike Shaw. Mike Fry did not get back to me about a meeting regarding my early leaving plan for summer term. Sod it, I'll check again later.

I am so stuffed for the Hist & Phil of Sci exam. This should be entertaining, then. Erm. Not. :P

Off to hand things in, work on more forms, hear about revision for my doom and either head home or to the library again for work! Guess who's right back into the student limelight. :B
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