April 20th, 2010

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Emma Thompson just got minus 10 on QI. It was adorable to see her as she called out, "MINUS TEN?!" I love that woman and am very glad that I recognised her even when John insisted that it wasn't her. Thank you, but I've spent enough time obsessing over her to recognise her and her delightful voice. Can never go wrong with memorising cheek bone structures.

This also reminds me that we saw Alan Davies at Malaga airport and on our ferry home. When ash threatens to rain from the sky, everyone is a bit too exhausted to be or watch celebrities.

(Yes, this means I'm home. C: )
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

(no subject)

Was just folding my laundry and putting away my jammies, which I keep under my altar (I spend a lot of time in my comfy clothes). I looked at the piece of jean leg I've gazed at a thousand times - a band of rainbow in Sharpie across the top, a rainbow of hearts at the bottom left hand, a message in red ink. I looked at the date. "4-20-08" - the 'today' or two years ago.

I smiled. I haven't read it yet, I don't remember what it says (I don't read it at every glance, merely smile at its existence). It's a letter to myself.

Hey Future Kiwi,

I wonder if you even go by that name any more. It was our legacy. I'm sure you remember. How could you forget?

I know I'm being silly but my thoughts are going crazy. I wonder how old you are and if you still love women and rainbows and memorizing pointless long quotes. I wonder what we have in common and if I could make you laugh. I wonder where you live and what the world is like.

I can picture you reading this. It's different on this end. It makes me feel as if time isn't linear.

It is for reasons like this that I love myself and my crazy habits. Be right back, I'm going to respond.

Funny that I was waiting to feel 'old enough' to respond to this, or I remember that being my thought process when I was a senior in high school feeling trapped by administration and ready to fly fly fly away. Today I replied without thought to 'feeling old enough'. I think, in a way, that means I am.


Hey Past & Future Kiwi,

Still Kiwi! 'Course I remember - a new decade of Kiwi on the way!

My thoughts are going crazy too - the 'Real World' soon! How frightening! I am 20; I love women (though it hasn't amounted to much!); I adore rainbows (and ukuleles!); long quotes are fantastic! We have so much in common; you were a beautiful foundation; you make me laugh and smile daily. I live in England (you called it!); Iceland just rained down ash so I was stranded in Spain - fun memories of ferries!

Time doesn't feel any more linear; I'm still 6 inside. Future Kiwi, how about you?

♥ [Kiwibird with a heart and exclamation on top] KS"

Now I can only sit and wonder what will go on the back side of the jean leg! Who would have thought, back when I was a senior and cutting the legs off my jeans to make capris and then deciding to colour on the cut legs, that I would get such a kick out of it now. Actually, I have a hunch exactly who knew - I did!

Now back to productivity!
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