April 17th, 2010

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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I am an incredibly lucky person. It's something about traveling that makes me profoundly grateful for the circumstances of my existence and my ability to just Be in the world.

Two hours on the coach provided ample time for rocking out to music and dancing around in my seat. I also wrote a few hundred words on my Minerva!fest piece - nothing too much. Will hopefully get more done on the ferry.

The airport was a ghost town. Danced around a bit. Slept on the plane. My ears were bugging me - probably since I've been swimming twice in the last while - but they didn't bother me too much. Taxi to the hotel.

It's beautiful. Siege and I went out and found a cheapish restaurant. We bought two little drinks and waited the half hour until they were serving the right kinds of food. The waitress was super duper cute, and, erm, obviously speaking Spanish, so...flushes. Giggles. Drats native Spanish-speaking women! They are the death of me! (The burger was also the best burger I have ever consumed in my life; this is not an embellishment of my story. It even had a fried egg. It was amazing. The chips and four different dipping sauces were also excellent - real chips! Yay!)

Back here I had more Internet, got some music off pip, hung with Jess (tooootal straight!girl squish; she's got the layered hair, belly-dancing body, feminine clothes and world-conscious feeling going on), took a bath (yum!) while watching April's Shower (Trish Doolan - mmmm) then shower, bed-readying while watching Hidalgo in German with Siege and explaining what I remembered (not much).

The hotel is bustling. More languages than I can name, kids spinning all about. Reminds me of the boy I played with in Spain; it's amazing how play can transcend language. (As I typed this, a Spanish man came up to me. I said I didn't speak Spanish, apologies. He mimed that he was impressed with my typing speed. I thanked him and we exchanged thumbs-up through our laughter. Seems many things transcend spoken language.) The boy 'stabbed' me with his piece of straw and was shocked when I fell over 'dead', then moreso when I ran away from him at his next strike. There is a dog walking past. I'm giggling.

With that, I'll head to bed. Don't know what the ferry will be like. Mum, it's P&O! I told Siege the story today. This should be exciting, though! Well worth a few docked marks on my exam and a bit of extra stress! These are life experiences! I'm impressed.

Bilbao has been wonderful for the night it has put up with me. (: