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Kiwi Crocus
11 April 2010 @ 11:18 pm
Wakeup today was very stomp-aroundy. I woke up and told Pip & Emma about my dream, in which I was a POKeMON. I think it's because people keep wishing our insects were like POKeMON and just called out there names all the time - "SCARABAEIDAE! SCARABAEIDAE!"

I revised throughout the day. This is only surprising given the unusual events.

1) Our coach got stuck on the road due to the new metal barriers. The left front tire was entirely in the air; the right rear tire was stuck down in the sand with a ruined coach buttock. (Yes, in the land of Biology my mind currently inhabits, buses have buttocks.)
2) Frank nearly jizzed himself over a bee orchid he found near the road. Alejandra was visibly ruffled by the fact that he is consistently late - and, er, completely mental.
3) In the town that we visited up on the hill, Annie sprained/twisted/fissure-fractured/whatever her ankle while SKIPPING. Katie then fell down a few steps but was fine. The police came yet again (they came during the coach incident as well). Annie was shipped off with supervisor!Annie.

Regardless of these and others (such as baiting Ant-Lions with live ant bait and watching them clamp on) I managed to finish my ridiculous Plant Key (missing only Palmae, grrarflewaffle), become a chameleon tree and make friends with a dog. Chameleons, so you know, enjoy girls with green jackets and curly brown hair - we do, it seems, resemble bushes. The chameleons also enjoyed clambering onto my face. Also enjoyed that dogs speak the same language globally - what a relief. (:

Back home the test was delayed until tomorrow since Alejandra had to leave to help The Annies at the hospital. During tea we all made jokes about Blattidae, Scrophulariaceae, Boraginaceae and Frank in a threesome with a Liliaceae and a bee orchid (Orchidaceae). I choked at the vision of Frank in an orchid; Pip had to smack me on the back.

Frank's conversation about projects didn't go well. Pip nearly went for his jugular and Emma nearly emasculated him. I merely explained to him each and every time where exactly he was going wrong in his understanding of our speech , which was, essentially, after ever sentence. At last he gave permission for the project we'd already had okayed by Alejandra and thankfully left.

I'm about to go to sleep since we've got the test tomorrow at 10 a.m. instead. Thankfully project days (we're studying Dune Beetles and Ants in test tubes) should be more relaxed. Still working with Pip & Emma despite some drama and CJ-huffage.

This entry will probably make little sense to you or me at the later dates when I read it. I apologise to you, friends, and me, confused elder-Kiwi.

P.S. "I will do SCIENCE to it" icon relevant. I am sick of hand lenses. Thank goodness for no microscopes.
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