April 4th, 2010

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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[+] Got a bit of sleep last night.
[+] Got two loads of washing done.
[+] Bought some perfect clothes for Spain from the charity shop, although didn't find sunglasses. The pharmacy wasn't open so I couldn't buy a new cane tip or sunscreen or anything. I'm sure I'll be fine somehow.
[+] Did my two Science Communication assignments; the first one is pretty good but the second probably isn't. It's what I could do, though.
[+] Ate one of my Eostre eggs and it was nummy.

I also uploaded the rarepairs story, finally.

In Memoriam

I don't really promote my writing much, so that's that! In Memorial, with my favourite witches, written for tetleythesecond for the fest.

(Phew, was that nervewrecking! But tattooedsappho, even after all that flailing about in the Harry Potter exhibit, I think I did okay. Thanks for the vote of confidence! Wouldn't have made it through without your reassurance during your Solstice trips!)
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