March 29th, 2010

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The video on my UU congregation's website just made me cry:

(It also has some of my favourite hymns, near the end. Come, come, whoever you are: wanderer, worshipper, lover of leaving. Ours is no caravan of despair; come, yet again come.)

The history of our congregation getting to where we are today. It's beautiful to me. I am so profoundly grateful to have witnessed it in my life. I remember playing on the statue at Marvin Chapel and playing hide&seek or tag around the downstairs area, exploring the college classrooms (that didn't scare me at that point) while learning Religious Education (the real kind--learning about MANY religions), the chocolate auction and sliding down the long banisters. I remember exploring the woods beyond the foundation of our new congregation, climbing trees nearby and playing with children as our parents built and painted. I remember skipping Religious Education when it was too early in the morning, before service; I then remember joining up again (occasionally) when we had a wing of our own. I certainly remember Miracle Sunday and Reverend Billy Bob, Jo Kinney, as he made more appearances later in life. I then remember the number of services that I've been involved in through whatever means.

I love that congregation and that area, and how I grew to be the person that I am today on that land. It's beautiful to me.

I suppose the video struck a chord because the old Meeting House there was demolished. I planned my first Senior Youth service there, had a Haunted House, explored, had Committee Meetings, passed the candle in Candle Pass more than I can remember, had RE, had a great time. I loved that building. I'm sad to know how much went wrong with it.

Rest in Peaceful Pieces, Meeting House. You served us so very well.

(Thank you, Faithful Nine, for keeping the congregation together; so many have bloomed and recovered faith, hope and love because you did.)
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