March 28th, 2010

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The "What I've always wanted to tell you" Meme

I would be very grateful if you would leave a few words, but don't at all let that pressure you! :) They're just memes. You all treat me incredibly well.

I stayed up all night writing last night. Slept for three hours today. Going to head to sleep in a bit and set an alarm for tomorrow, see how that works. I'd like to clean my room - I'm feeling a bit better again, so I might as well. I'm pleased with my fic.

Watched Wizard of Oz all the way through, now. I had some small recollection of parts of it, but not much.

Spring break is divine. Revision, field courses, assignments, a module, exams and dissertation work are around the corner, but I refuse to think of them for a little while longer. I am busy appreciating this peaceful state of mind.

Meme, too. With randomly-dispersed Oz quotes.

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