March 23rd, 2010

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I have clearly never experienced 'Awkward' in my life.

The real definition of awkward:

awkward: (awwr-kuh-waa-aaard) n. The strange sense of nervous tension present when Kiwi and Sarah live alone in the same house for a week.

I think we laughed together three times in the whole day: one when she mentioned a possible mouse in the house (nervous laughter at the rhyme and out of general indecision for other emotions to display over a strange occurrence); one when I mentioned my father blowing up the microwave (we are both familiar with space cadet geniuses); finally one at something on the telly, which clearly made little impact on me.

This should be interesting. However, in the Good News, I organised my Livejournal memories, a feat I've been planning for more than a year.

Ambitious tomorrow: Shower, clean, wait for laptop, write (on Netbook or on Pirate's laptop if I can trust it), cook something more elaborate for supper.
Lazy tomorrow: (Likely:) Shower, consider cleaning, wait for laptop in loose clothing/jammies, consider writing and 'think better of it', read fanfiction, watch shows and have jacket sweet potato for tea.

Until then, another brilliant night of sleep. Thank you, spring break, for finally arriving.

(Sass has started her revision table and revised for Stats for 4 hours [too many 'for' homonyms]. I am not crazy enough to do that to myself. I will at least stave off revision for a week, goodness. My sanity is worth a little more than Stats. I hope.)
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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[+] I had a beautiful weekend with ddagent and will hopefully post about it in detail soon.

[+] Da's Netbook came this afternoon. I am in love. It also came with a long-sleeved Circle of Friends shirt signed by my Coffee House loves. I was so filled with love and cherishing.

[+] My room is in the first stages of being cleaned.

[+] I read through lots of fic and there will be a rec post some time soon. I'm collecting for it, from the depths of my lj memories (now organised!).

[+] I hung out in Sam's webcast for hours today watching her make cupcakes and fun things out of clay. I had the idea to make charm 'bracelets' for our ukuleles. I see this idea becoming very popular. 5 charms have been made thus far - rainbow frosted cupcake for Sam (rainbow frosting my idea), coffee mug and pencil for her friend, sparkly white star with kiwis and a raddish for me. She also made a big black and rainbow cupcake that I will get from her some day when I actually visit the West Coast and see her.

[+] The Uni emailed me today and told me that my wallet had been given in. So I'll have new cards, but I get my wallet back, yay. :)

[+] Tomorrow I intend to go to Alice in Wonderland with Eve from Women's Campaign after she's done giving in her dissertation. I am excited for femmeslash subtext, thanks to kellychambliss. I intended to go on campus tomorrow first for my wallet and marked assignment. Signing my loan cheques too. Will figure out how I want to work the Bus Thing.

[+] Spring break is really here and I don't even care that things are super awkward with Sass. (Our words today... K: [about Sass' lunch] Looks nummy. Sass: [miss-hearing] [nervous laughter] Hmm, well, really good afternoon. K: ...I said 'looks nummy.' Followed by brief "good night"s 8 hours later.) FANFICTION!

[+] Tomorrow I hope to spend time in Global Cafe writing on the Netbook. Tea. And...I'm excited. Really! I've wanted to write in a cafe for ages! I don't think I've done it since high school! Goodness knows I've got enough fic and stories to catch up on.

Night night, loves! Sweet dreams! I am so pleased to be back here again with a laptop! I am thinking of names. Mmm yaaaay. :D
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