March 19th, 2010

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[+] I completely finished two of my labs last night. Half of the house (me, Batgirl, Matt, Alyshia and Pirate too) was awake working. We were all at the halfway mark when I came home. We were also all cooking. It was hilarious. Lots of all-nighters everywhere.

[+] I took a nap and then finished my last lab report this morning.

[+] I have showered and packed.

[-] I called Palmer and they didn't have my wallet; they told me they would email me if they found it. I also know that I definitely had it Wednesday, so that means less time out... Checked online Natwest, there was a £2.06 transaction out - which could just be delayed payment for something I did, but I'm not willing to risk it for long given I'm about to be gone for the weekend. I reported my two English cards as lost. It's what I can do for right now.

[-] I'm really nervous about the Tube journey between my two trains. I have plenty of times since apparently it only takes like 15 minutes on the Tube, but this'll be my first time in London alone so of course I'm nervous. And without a wallet/card it's scarier. I'm going to get some cash out from Natwest using my passport as idea. Goodness, I'll probably keep the cash in my freakin' bra.

[+] At least by this evening I will be with ddagent, and everythign will seem way closer to alright.
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