March 18th, 2010

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[+] Finished my science communication essay two days early. It was not fantastic, but it was finished.
[+] Revised in bed for my Entomology exam instead of on campus, which was a nice break. And meant that I got naps.
[+] I don't have tools that I need to lug around for Spain. I'm being given books to put in my bag when I get on campus before the trip. The meeting was dumb. Although when I looked drained and generally down-for-the-punch, Pip gave me a backrub and everything felt better. I gave in my essay two days early.
[+] The exam did nto kill me. I got to draw pictures and label things. I'm positive that I got some of the classifications wrong, but I think I got enough of the other information and explanations right to give me a good mark.
[+] Jo helped me give in my dissertation slip. My four choices are in. I forgot to mark down that I didn't want Human Altruism with Richard Sibly, oops. But I swear, if I get that project with him, I WILL protest and refuse to do it until I get a project change. Which will be bad. But I will not work with Richard Sibly.
[+] I was happy being in the library with my name down on the 11.40 Safety Bus
[-] but then I realised that my wallet is not in my bag, and that's the only place it ever is, and thus I don't know where it is. Called Batgirl, she told me it wasn't in my room when she looked. Hopefully it's hidden in the hat I usually keep in my bag or something, or fell out somewhere less obvious. I went to Palmer and called security so they know a wallet is lost (with an American driving license) and have my number. I have a number to call tomorrow at noon. I will deal with this wallet thing, somehow.
[+] Until then, to get me through the weekend I will bring my passport into town tomorrow and go to the Natwest in town before going to the train station. Will hopefully cash check and get some cash out.
[-] I have to get through this Birds lab report and editing/fixing up the other two before I can do that.
[+] The semester will be over. Besides, everyone knows I generally can't catch a break in Week 10. Jo will attest to that. Although she's now trying to convince me that I lose everything. I don't think I agree with that. =( I'm generally pretty organised, but yes, I occasionally misplace important things. Awwr. It makes me feel down about myself. I'm a touch scatter-brained. Frowns.

Well, if I can get my eyes to focus, I'll start working on this lab and watching Buffy in good intervals. Steve has his old laptop in the house so I'm going to get the methods and results done here with Excel and then do the Intro and Discussion back home, probably. Hopefully.

I would feel so much better about the triumph of getting through Week 10 if I knew where my wallet was. Poor little rainbow wallet, where are you?
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