March 9th, 2010

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[-/+] Slept in until 10 instead of waking up early to go on campus.
[-/+] Didn't work in the morning but had a nice, lazy, pleasant time with Tinboy.
[-] Field trip with Environment in Science was terrible. Freezing and so painful that it reminded me of future handicap life and I cried and that was bad. Jojo is ill, too, so that was yuck.
[+] Crisps and hot chocolate were nice.
[+] Finished the "Make Mud Pies" video about Falcon Ridge Folk Festival.
[+] Finished my Methods section for the Owl Pellet practical. It's not much, but it's something and it's working early.
[+] Heard back from three of the four supervisors and I have meetings for Thursday and Friday. I'm partially excited, partially nervous.
[-] I have a 9 a.m. tomorrow, but thankfully it ends at 11, then just a chat with Sibly about the project. Group meeting to finish the Bird Brochure. Break for coffee with the Women's Campaign women or work. Buddhist Meditation Society. Back into a computer lab to work. Then home or on campus for revision for Entomology practical test for next week (practice in Thursday's practical) and organise revision for next week's Animal Behaviour assessment test, since I'll have all the material. Plus researching a bit about the project backgrounds so I sound intelligent when I meet up on Thursday.
[-] I am exhausted. It is 11.15pm and I am on campus 30 minutes from my house. This is not sensible. I am going home now to crash.
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