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Kiwi Crocus
06 March 2010 @ 12:42 am
I don't know how I always end up doing this.

[ ] It's 12.30 a.m. and I'm on campus. I have to pee. The latter is pretty much always true.
[+] Slept in. Came on campus. Got questions for the careers fair done. Turns out I didn't have to, so I was over-prepared but it was good. Pip & Emma liked my questions.
[+] The ecologist was cool. Jo decided I'd be like him when I grew up. I can't deny this: he joked that alarms & deadlines were what got him out of bed in the mornings. This is true. The rest of them were somewhat boring.
[+] The first big dissertation meeting didn't kill me. However, I have a huge packet of project titles and descriptions to read through and rate so I can pick at least four and get in touch with supervisors. This is before the end of term. I don't think my mind has really wrapped around this.
[+] Bumped into Hayley, Andrew & Chris & their sister. I hung with them and ate supper. It was just what I needed to calm me down and remind me that life was still worth living.
[+] Watched Grey's Anatomy (loved Teddy/Cristina) and Private Practice (I love Charlotte).
[+] Did my personal reflective piece for Birds. That's pretty much two things down due week 10. Two lab reports, two practical tests and a paper down.
[+] Then I get to visit ddagent, which is SO EPIC I will fail to describe and thus won't try. (I lied: ASKLDJFLKASJDF OHMYFRAKKING GODS YOU GUYS I GET TO SEE MY CRAZY TOASTY FRIENDDDDD!!!1!!eleventyone!!1!)
[+] I am going to head home now. I may have to pee on the way, but I don't care. I will hate the first few moments. Then I will love it. That seems to be how my life goes...once I realise that I actually love most things.
([+] I just realised Defying Gravity is on. I re-watched Glee when it was on the other day and Kurt singing it made me cry; the whole episode makes me cry. It's the gay-kid plus wheelchair-kid episode, and for a while I was that gay kid in the wheelchair. So yeah. It touches me. And I'm going to pause it here and epic sing it on my way across campus.)
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Current Music: Defying Gravity - Wicked
Kiwi Crocus
06 March 2010 @ 06:40 pm
I'm glad I remembered to change the references I had down for the brochure.

What I had down:

Stalley, K. (2010a). A disturbing new study finds that studies are disturbing.
  Exit Posterior, 1(1), 1-100.
Stalley, K. (2010b). University students don’t wish to do work. Exit Posterior,
  1(1), 101-101 ½.

Somehow, I don't think that would be considered respectable science.

[This just in: my sense of humour is whacky.]
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Kiwi Crocus
06 March 2010 @ 09:19 pm
light_cascades sent me this way:

Slam poetry blows my mind. Someday, someday I'm going to participate.
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Kiwi Crocus
06 March 2010 @ 10:01 pm
Tweet tweet!Collapse )
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Kiwi Crocus
06 March 2010 @ 10:26 pm
[-] Realised that I left my art folders at home when I went back over break since I hadn't done anything with them the year before. Now that I think of something to do with them, I don't have them. That is very typical of my life. :P
[ ] Had a sex dream last night. It was an interesting experience.
[+] Woke up in my own time and cleaned the shower room.
[+] Finished reading the Livejournal through the Decade book.
[+] Read a chapter of the Buddhist poetry book Samatha gave me.
[+] Visited the charity shop on the way in and found the perfect steampunk trench coat for under £3. It's not super thick, too, so I can wear it in multiple seasons. Trench coats never fit me in all the right places and still let me look feminine. I am so impressed with this one. Steampunk teacher, here I come! John's going to be so pleased with me.
[+] Got another YouTube video done today, this time one of my favourites as far as lyrics. It was a really in-the-moment song and I appreciate that.
[+] Pretty much finished my part of the Bird Brochure due in for Week 10.
[+] Started working on my Owl Pellet lab despite that I forgot my Birds folder and didn't have the stuff to really get into writing the lab report. I'm trying to get things done early so I don't get too stressed and can stay excited for seeing ddagent soon.
[+] ddagent was making me get off campus by 10 but she gave me an extension because I was downloading scientific papers and then was just going to look through my other Internet sites. I should be leaving in a moment or two.
[+] Tomorrow I have Reading Gay Chorus, and I'll probably try to get a Coke at Bob's (the pub) afterward, especially if I'm good and start making a priority list of dissertation titles tonight/tomorrow when I'm home.
[+] It's Union night on campus tonight, so it won't be as quiet walking home. I be that's why there's people in the lab right now, waiting to go there or something. I'm glad I'm not going to try to stay up late dancing. Gonna try to go home, make some eats and get things done!
[+] I'm trying to be responsible.
Current Mood: mellowMellow.