March 2nd, 2010

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

[. oh the bastards have set me on fire! .]

I forgot my favourite part of the day:

After the ridiculous Abstract practical, I was dancing across campus with my nice big black-and-white-skulled hesh Skullcandy. It was to Lucky by Brittney Spears, merely to pacify my 12-year-old self and vastly entertain my 15-year-old self.

I saw a tuft at blue that wasn't the sky and recognised it for blue. I'm sure she equally noted the occurrence of a rainbow blob dancing across campus. I sat on the bench with her and watched a kind golden play around. We gave him some pats and when he went off to play with a stick I joined him. It was so lovely sitting on the bench with the sun to our backs, marvelling at the present we had chown for ourselves. We discussed getting to Reading and our pleasure to be here. We're looking forward to the last exam day when we at last get to sit on The Green exhaling--sighing--breath after breath of exams for all of it to be over.

We're both a bit in shock that we've really just got the three weeks of term left for this semester (which will go by ridiculously quickly since we've got everything due week 10 and thus don't WANT it to come so it will) then break and a few weeks for revision then taking exams. And then it's through. Then we're not second-years anymore, we're third-years with dissertations expected to be at least a modicum more prepared for 'real life.'

(Or at least the idea. The reality seems to be that the Professors complain to us that they feel they have no better grasp on any concepts of realities or 'real world' than we do. Their world just seems to includes more obnoxious publishing that they ACTUALLY get judged for, the occasional paying of annoying annual debts that inevitably include money going to governments and, for some, the production of spawn that appear to live only in order to bring playground diseases back for the Professors.)

But it sure was a lovely day!
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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There is apparently a poetry meme going around like live-fire. I will add to this. As this is me posting, the poem will probably contain more humour than anything else.

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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

[. remember the love .]

[+] Yesterday afternoon/evening was lovely. Started research for my next novel and got a few pages done on my birthday story for Sister.
[+] Slept reasonably. Slept in.
[+] Shower was BEAUTIFUL: started using new spongepoofthing and Kiwi-Lime shampoo & conditioner.
[+] Field trip wsa easy and entertaining. I played Florence & The Machine from my headphones as we surveyed our hedgerow. Didn't go perfectionist. Let myself just be. It was glorious.
[+] Got a song demo/video done. Hadn't uploaded anything in a while 'cause of Uni and the laptop problem. Have loved getting comment emails in my inbox. Now have 70 subscribers, too; Lani was the 70th yay!
[+] Finished the science communication careers management skills assignment. It was entirely stupid and exactly like what I had to do in high school, but I made it through and printed it out early.
[+] Tomorrow at 4.30 there's a little birthday party for Matt & Harry.
[+] Then Tinboy and I are buying some ice cream and soda. We're bringing some stuff to Tom's for Werewolf and throwing him a little early birthday party before his real one Thursday, just to elongate the birthday love. Siege (his girlfriend) was thrilled with the idea. Bees, also in the Werewolf group, was happy to oblige and thought it was a good idea. This should be fun!
[+] I'm heading home wrapped in my scarf and hat and gloves, music in ears. It's 10.40, but whatever. Home, supper, cleaning room (hopefully), art wall and reading. 9 tomorrow with no time for nappage!
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