February 23rd, 2010

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So! Since last entry!

[-] Didn't sleep well at all. Poot.
[-] Alarm didn't go off, Batgirl didn't wake up. Shopping trip was delayed.
[+] We still went. Too much money for food, but I won't have to go again for a super duper long time and I splurged a little for my birthday - cake, ice cream, a little alcohol, some sweets and foods I wouldn't normally get.
[+] Got it all put away and cleaned the kitchen before Jo arrived.
[+] Surprised Jo by letting her in right as she stepped up to the door sicne I was watching through the letter-slot. We baked the cake and hung around. She played video games with the housemates. My cake came out lop-sided but I loved it anyway.
[+] I decorated my cake with green frosting, colourful sprinkles, little dolly (edible) mix, chocolate chips, chocolate sprinkles and flakes, white chocolate chips and sliced kiwi & strawberry around the edges. Made it look like a caterpillar with the candles I got. I LOVED it so very very much!
[+] We did the sing-to-Kiwi-and-eat-cake-and-icecream thing before going out. People actually really liked the cake. I was shocked because I can't do anything right in the kitchen.
[+] Oh! Before that Jo and I had chicken and quorn fajitas and it was very very exciting. I did something new! Easy and new. I can't wait to have quorn tacos at some point.
[+] We went out. Tash (squish from Writer's Originals) was there. Didn't dance for a while during the industrial music. Got into it. Got to dance with Tash and have fun.
[+] Pirate and Batgirl had the DJ say happy birthday to me when I turned 20. I turned 20 on the dance floor. He said it twice. :) Jo was in the loo but it was fine.
[-] Jinboy and Emma left a bit earlier and Pirate & Batgirl said they'd leave about an hour later.
[+] I wasn't tired and was loving dancing, so I decided to stick around with Jo. Got to dance more with Tash and chat with her and give her my number and a hug. It was great fun.
[-] Pirate & Batgirl apparently had no intention of leaving an hour after. Batgirl was incredibly drunk and hanging out with Mike, whom I have no affection for. Knock that, negative affiliation. Jo and I left and paid too much for a taxi on the way home. I didn't have my keys. I had to text Tinboy, who was just falling asleep.
[+] Stayed in bed and didn't bother going into town today. Had the cornotation chicken sandwich mix that they sell at Morrison's and it was DELICIOUS. Why don't they have it at Tesco? Grrr. I need to learn how to make coronation quorn, do it at the beginning of the week and keep it as sandwich mix or something.
[+] My rainbow bag came and I LOVE IT. Have to send out thank you emails tomorrow.
[+] Jo drove me and Tinboy to campus. We had some time in the computer lab.
[-] Practical was terrible. Going through the soil samples agian to pick out invertebrates.
[+] I've had some time online.
[+] Typed up the bird info I had from Claire. Organised it and put it into the brochure with questions or 'we need more here' so I actually have something to bring to the table tomorrow.
[-] I'm tired and cold and have to walk home.
[+] There is a shower and food and cake and ice cream and a room and a book waiting for me at home.
[+] I'm 20.

And that's that!
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