February 20th, 2010

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[-] Alarm didn't go off at 11.
[-] Didn't make it to Tesco; Sass left before I was awake.
[+] Came on campus with Tinboy. Am still in the Systems Engineering all-hours computer lab.
[+] Bringing my external hard-drive has been very useful.
[+] Ripped the three 59p CDs I bought from the charity shop. Karine Polwart, a Scottish folk singer-songwriter, is quite fantastic.
[+] Watched Grey's. Wasn't as sympathetic to Callie as I thought I would be; wasn't as big a fan of Arizona as I thought I would be. Missed Teddy.
[+] Watched Private Practice. It was alright.
[+] Chapter 5 of Transfiguration Over Tea is up: it's here.
[+] I'm staying on campus to get more done.
[+] I'll get chips and sweet&sour sauce on my way back, probably, relax and read.
[+] Tomorrow is my last day as a teenager.
[+] I FOUND THE MISSING CHAPTERS TO TRANSFIGURATION OVER TEA! <3 The hardest ones to write, too. I thought I had lost them forever. It was slightly frustrating to realise that my word count was 19.4k (.6k away from finishing the Big Bang) when everything seemed to go wrong. I was 600 meagre words away from finishing, and then my first 'fest' sort of concept would have been a Big Bang! Ah well. I'll consider myself an honorary participant. Finishing the 600 words and then the story would have been no big deal. Had technology not thwarted me again, I would have finished it no problem.
[+] Systems Engineering has fantabulous female bathroom facilities, given females seem to be a bit...rare here.
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