February 9th, 2010

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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I woke up and thought, "Some day I'm going to learn how to put myself to sleep at an appropriate time when for when I need to wake up."

I then realised I really haven't had this skill since before junior high, when I used to stay up watching Animal Planet until the infomercials or whatever were on.

Huh. Someday it's gotta happen. Someday. 20-30 minutes 'til I need to leave for lecture. Why yes, I am in bed in my jimjams. I'll get up, I always do... Probably wear my rainbow legwarmers for Jo since I'm walking in (left Squeaky on campus yesterday).

Lecture 2-4. Nap possibly on campus. V-monologues 5-some time. Home. Email supervisor. Sleep. That is the plan, but will I stick to it?

(Reminds me of Mr. Dufault's favourite word. Sticktoitiveness.)
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