January 31st, 2010

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[. Archive of Our Own .]

Fanfic Writers!

I don't know how many of you have heard of Archive of Our Own, but it's an (in my opinion) improved version of fanfic.net.

I requested three invitations from the site and I got them today.

If you would like an invitation, please leave your email address here and I'll send you one! If I get more than 3 I'll request more invitations, though they'll take a few days.

Have at them!

Edit: The three I had are taken, but I can always request more. :) If you want in, please do tell me and we can work to find you an invite! The more of my epic writer friends on Archive the better!
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[. stupid girls .]

There are pros and cons to forgetting what it feels like to be ill.

Pro: Haven't been ill in a while, yay health.

Con: It feels much worse.

I am in pain everywhere and I'm only mildly ill. Hello throat, ears, hip, feet, ankle, legs, head and tummy. I'm glad to make your acquaintance.

Could you stop attacking my nervous system with unpleasant feelings now, plox?


(I think that means no proper shop today, just going to grab what's needed from a Wokingham Road shop on the way back from Birds tomorrow. I'd prefer to shop with my card anyway.)
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[. toaster .]

I am not terribly composed right now.

I have the urge to cut off my head and neck as to not feel my throat any more. This is not a plausible solution.

The only sounds I seem to make are "mmmmrg," "mmmmmmawr" and "eeeeeuuurgh." I make them often, just sitting here with my laptop.

Batgirl has given me the plague. She is an outbreak monkey. Now I am an outbreak monkey. I do not approve of this development.

I have spent the weekend watching the Battlestar Galactica mini-series (yes, that's not very long; shouldn't take a weekend). I have written 48 drabbles (that's 4800 words) from Laura Roslin's point of view. I have no idea why I did this. I blame the plague.

I have accomplished nothing this weekend. My room is still messy, my homework is untouched, the bathroom floors are not clean, my scheduling is not clear. My head is fuzzy. Mmmmrg.

I wish I were a toaster so I wouldn't get sick.

Although I did do this: http://carbonxkiwi.deviantart.com/

It's an amalgamation of all my previous DeviantArt accounts. I am proud I have finally done this. It took me a while. Oh and I watched Better Than Ted Season 1. So I suppose I did accomplish things this weekend. Just not useful things.

The outbreak monkey is going downstairs for toast, because that's what she can eat. Eeeeeuuuurgh.
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(no subject)

I uploaded the BSG mini-series drabbles for some unexplainable reason. I'm sure it's got mistakes everywhere since I didn't even read through it another time, but that's for another day.

It's here.

We've finished watching Jeepers Creepers 2. Strange film. Can't say it made my like list.

I go to sleep soon and wake up tomorrow to see if I'm well enough for my lecture. If not, the lecturer is Mark and I have no practical, so I'm not afraid to pop him an email and tell him my house has been infected. I'm sure he'd have no problem telling me if he said anything else in lecture that wasn't in the slides.

Why does the weekend have to be over?
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