January 24th, 2010

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[-] I had a serious panic attack over something Jo said on Facebook, that reminded me of what another important person had told me about myself recently.
[+] Batgirl heard my running to the loo and my heaving breath, so she and Lyshia took care of me. Then I got to chat with Tree & Snoops after that, and remembered how grateful I am for the people who love me in my life - and that they keep loving me through my problems and our problems. And I am so grateful to have the opportunity to love all these amazing people in my life.
[+] I successfully completed my all-nighter.
[-] There was a printer breakdown in the library after Jujubean's printer wouldn't print.
[+] The master's student I met in agriculture last semester when I was doing all my work there found me in the library by chance and helped me print my stuff.
[+] I sat with Claire in lecture and we chatted; it was great fun. Three great speakers as well. Reminded me of how much I admire science communication, and how I hope to do it later in my life even if I'm not as close to the scientific side as I had originally planned to be.
[+] When I came home Jo had left me a Facebook post telling me she was sorry for venting by blowing up on me, Facebook had just been available before Shaun. I thanked her for calling me out on my shite. I may have to ask that next time she do it in a more composed manner, or have a code word for 'I'm not ditching you as a friend,' so I don't have to spend an hour of chat and a wasted scarfed-down Belgian chocolate bar on fixing my panic. The chocolate needs proper time for appreciation.
[+] I slept for more than 12 hours and it was BEAUTIFUL sleep.
[+] I played some game with my housemates that involved writing down lists of words and having matching words with your partner. Harry & I surprisingly got second. We have like completely opposite brains.
[+] I've been uploading fanfic to my Archive of Our Own here.
[+] I finished 30 Rock season 2 and it was amazing. Started Scrubs Season 4 and loving it, especially Dr. Molly Clock.
[+] I'm happy. And it's 5.30 a.m., and I'm tired, so I'm going to sleep. I have a TDL for tomorrow. A lot of it is yaywheenotworkhappystuff, which is good. And thus not bad if I don't get it all done. :P
[+] I'm about to read an Imagine Me & You fic ubiquitousmixie sent me instead of going to sleep right away. I am clearly loco.
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This merits its own post for me:

I just realised that since I was 13 and got a livejournal, I've been looking at people's ElJay's and admiring their layouts, friends, communities, icons, moodthemes, post styles...

It struck me that my livejournal has become like those I used to look up to. I have these amazing friends I love so much, I frequent and am accepted in communities for a range of my interests, I figured out how to use layouts that I adore, my grandmother and a friend bought me a paid account for fantastic icons, I discovered how to use moodthemes, I post in a manner that I love reading later...

This made me very happy. So here's to you, 13-year-old livejournal virgin self. You'll get there. It takes a few years, but you'll get your online community of love and rainbows. Keep at it. :)
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I was looking through my Grey's Anatomy calendar today while cleaning, because I didn't want Callie & Arizona (they're January) staring at me while I was changing.

I re-remembered that Webber is for my month.

I may or may not have taken a Sharpie to his page. I take no responsibility for the actions that come from my cleaning sessions.

I'm pretty sure this makes me a bad person.

For the record: Webber looks no better with a stereotyped French mustache, although he does at least look interesting.
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[. I don't think I knew what I had .]

I baked with Harry today. Apple something-or-other.

Harry came up, asked if he could come in. I said sure. He gasped and jumped back. "It's a sports bra," I explained, "girls wear them sometimes."

He told me his plan for Sass. He said she would thank me for helping him bake. I went downstairs (with a shirt) and when he told her not to watch or listen, the household started making noises. I made animal noises. Jujubean laughed at me. "Honkhonk! Moooo! Baaaa! Buckbuckbuckaaaa!"

As I was washing up my dishes, Harry told Sass I had helped and done a lot. He told her to thank me. I smiled, laughed and scolded him for the demand. She looked at me strangely. Harry and I tried to do high fives, then decided to chest bump. I knew I would go flying but did it anyway.

I ended up on my arse on the floor, laughing away. Jujubean made fun of me. I laughed harder.

I'm upstairs in a moderately clean room that actually smells as though it belongs to me and not some slob. I'm going to try being Peaceful and live with Humour again.

Because, let's face it, if I ever lived for like Sass saying 'thank you,' I'd be waiting one heck of a long time. ♥
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