January 19th, 2010

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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[+] Birds lecture was good. Siege decided my mating dance was like one of the birds of paradise in the video Mark had in his lecture. It was giggleworthy.
[+] Claire is in my group for the stupid brochure thing. Mark did the groups alphabetically again. We have to do brochures on little-researched topics. Thanks, Mark. And take the Belbin test. Apparently I'm a little bit of everything all rolled into one--which I guess is useful in a group, maybe?
[+] I picked out some brochure templates. Claire looked up journals on our topics. I sent out email to the group. It was game time.
[+] Got a pastry from the shop with change. Saw Zoë, which was squee-worthy. Siege & Tom & Emma. Walked home with Siege. Saw fantastic trousers in the charity shop when we went in together that I may buy later.
[-] The group had a group-clean while I was napping and I feel bad for not being downstairs to help.
[+] I took a 3-hr nap.
[-] I forgot to call Microsoft & the bank, probably because I'll have to borrow someone else's phone and I am not thrilled to do that.
[+] I played some ukulele.
[+] I finished Scrubs Season 3 - I only had one more episode.
[-] I tried to work and failed.
[+] I spent about 10 minutes writing a 1000-word Cristina/Teddy-discuss-Owen fanfic. It made me smile.
[-] When I was ready to work, I found the online tutorial I was supposed to do for my loan. I did it. It took ages. I was frustrated.
[-] By the time it was done, all I could be bothered to do was use my iTunes card to by Zoë Lewis' CD and use my Mistmas B&N cards to buy some cheap lesbian books to look forward to for when I'm home again.
[+] I have realised that when I get down, I can do the whole make-myself-smile-yay-chemicals-in-the-brain and I find everything vastly entertaining. I start laughing about my life.
[-] I should have been sleeping a half hour ago. I'll read through my packet and go to sleep. Have 1hr30 minutes home tomorrow for shower/getting ready/organising before going to lecture at 2.
[-] I need to stop turning down doing things with friends in hopes of getting myself to work and then not actually being able to work. Come on, guilt, work in the right places!

Mondays: 1. Kiwi: 0.

Let us hope that Tuesday works better. Tomorrow Enviro in Practice for more work in stats (blech) for the class project (double blech) involving the initial paper write-up due Friday (triple blech). This class is kind of stinky for me. As is this week and semester. But I'll get through; I always do. And I'll smile!
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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I need to start writing again.
I need to feel useful.
I need to get through university and feel like I'm really doing something with my life.
I need to not seek the approval of my teachers so much.
I need to not let all this stuff knock me down, when the harder blows hardly move me.
I need to remember to breathe.