January 14th, 2010

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[-] Animal behaviour lecture is an interesting pain. Professor uses oldschool projector slides, so no BlackBoard (easier to revise for exams with BB, given half the exams we're revising for are from first semester). Film on wolf behaviour was cut short because prof. was late getting in due to snow.
[+] Made it to the bank. Change of address: sorted. Savings account: attained. Pin number: have to wait for Mon. for address change to go through, then call & have new pin sent. Will then reset it at an ATM. Money withdrawn: success; now have money to buy food & such.
[+] Worked when I came home, mostly in Lyshia's room. Have a detailed outline done.
[-] Essay may not end up with a lot of references/referenced material depending on how much I research as I write, but I'm not going to be picky. This is my first essay of this type and the researching is different. I'll get the hang of it sometime. Not holding myself to perfection, just my best!
[+] Enjoyed my tea.
[+] Went with Tinboy to Werewolf roleplay, A Legacy of Blood. Tonight's session was fun & frightening. My character ate a spider, rolled over and killed another spider, and ate a third; I killed 3 out of the 5. Got to speak with a Dream Collector Spirit. Experienced a demonic spider-infested zombie and bit off its leg, then arm. Used Crushing Blow on a church pew to make fire to keep spiders away because we were paranoid. :P CJ shot a corpse that was hanging from the ceiling, right in the face. :P We barricaded a door out of paranoia. Tom-the-DM congratulated us on our acts of pure paranoia. Tom & CJ gave me an extra experience point for my defeating the spiders. I said, "But I just stop, dropped & rolled...and ate!" Tom told me that was the best. I gave him an experience point mainly because he kept saying 'And I slap him' after Tinboy had his character babble on. Made jokes about Monty Python and the fish-slapping sketch. We had loads of fun, and I got coffee. :D Yay! I feel like an uber-geek now and I approve.
[-] I am home for essay writing now. Hoping to average at least 200 words an hour to get to the halfway mark. Starting is the hardest. I tend to average more words after I'm into it. But I also have more time tomorrow than I have tonight: 'round 4 hours tonight (or more if I want less sleep, which usually occurs); at least 8 if not more hours tomorrow.
[+] Andrew mentioned he was going to be happy today. I said I probably couldn't given I have an essay and don't generally stay happy for those (although I have once in Uni, a few times in high school). He said to pretend. I am going to try this.

...and now to try to start writing. I will probably put some babble down for my first sentence, then erase it after. Looks good to have one sentence down.
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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"Someday I'm going to become a famous writer and, like Shakespeare, make up a few words. One or two or a few, to save the sanity of undergrad science students, will be synonymous with 'science.' I won't even require credit in the referencing."

My conversation with a friend while writing this essay.

I would never get through this without a sense of humour. Or my teddy bear.

The fact that my friends downstairs were playing a drinking game and then the "Penis" game, followed by Mario Kart, also helps.

More food at 1000 words I think. Grey's at 2 a.m. I am so excited.

Pip: you reproducing would be mad....and also totally awesome!!
lots and lots of tiny kiwis running around!
there would be like a rainbow blur if we fed them up on blue smarties first!

I'm not sure how the topic turned to my possible future reproductive acts. At least it was specified that it would be my egg, but not my body. :P