January 13th, 2010

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[+] Shower & getting ready was lovely. Music on the way to campus was fantastic.
[-] We had to take a fake stats test. I could answer, like, 5. Open response questions stink.
[+] I'm good with Excel and learning/figuring out software quickly.
[+] I got a 72 on my bird census (yay, A!) with 'good conclusion', and normally I get 'weak conclusion'! 74 (yay A!) on my poster, which I knew. 68 (yay almost A!) on my presentation. Higher than I expected. All in all, good marks to get back.
[+] I had quorn burgers with cheesy mashed potatoes on top with sauce for tea, and it was lovely. Chatted.
[+] Had fun with Kate being around.
[-] We had the house meeting early. Staying: Tinboy, Jujubean, Batgirl; Leaving: Harry, Sass; Unknown: Matths, Lyshia, me. I think if they stay on I will definitely want to.
[+] I spoke up and was relived that they accept my answer for now: I'm saying 'yes' to the landlord, but I'm applying for housing (deadline 15th Feb) and I'll make a decision later about whether I'll go in halls or stay in house. Still good time to replace me with someone. They know it's an extra hard decision for me. I love housing, but halls would be 'easier'...but not necessarily better.
[-] I didn't work much on my essay.
[+] I cleaned my room and stayed sane.
[+] I did work out a linear pattern for my essay at last, and many points I'll make about each topic... so now I've got to start short specific research about my points and start writing, tomorrow.
[+] Realised another difference between science and non-science writing: in science I have to read resources and base my writing directly from that, using mostly that information until I get to parts of my experiment; in non-science we read some, figure out our argument/topic/concepts and then find sources to fit what we want to say (or ones we wish to argue against). It was an interesting discovery for me.
[+] I made a new friend.
[+] I only have two hours of lecture tomorrow, then errands and home for nap and writing.
[+] I have werewolf roleplay tomorrow! Yay for being a geek who does tabletop roleplay. :P
[-] I am up too late, but I am going to sleep. And I am happy and feel at home. That is a Good Thing.
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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How to fail at writing an essay:

1) Be me.
2) Buy a soft blue teddy bear from a thrift store and be tempted to cuddle up with it in a corner of your bed without touching scary stressy stuff ever again. AKA regress to age 6.
3) Overthink everything.

In other news, I now have a fantastic 99p waistcoat that I love, and a little kiwi bird plush that makes 'kweh' sounds at being squeezed...and says 'A true friend is always there. ♥' (As well as my new nameless fuzzy soft blue teddy.)

Those should get me through. Maybe.