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Kiwi Crocus
07 January 2010 @ 10:07 am
I needed last night with Kris. Mum agreed to drive me instead and I had a breakdown in the car. We chatted a little, but I'm not very receptive these days.

When I got there Kris came to the door and said, "Come experience the best blanket ever! Get in here!" Hugged me and pulled me to the little couch-bed in their den and pulled me under the covers. It was beautiful. I took my shoes off and she snuggled me up with her. I hadn't felt that comfortable and peaceful in days.

We chatted about Life, the Universe and Everything/College. It was beautiful to hear so many similarities in how we want to live. And being antsy to get out now that we're pretty much halfway, her with two more semesters than I. Although she may take more online classes and try to finish early.

It was nice having the reminder that there's so much outside of school troubles. And that she gets some too. And that yeah, procrastination happens, but it tends to happen to the best of us, even/especially when there's so much invested. She learned to procrastinate in college.

We stayed for dinner. I loved seeing Kris, Zazz (Kris' Mum) and my Mum singing show tunes and dancing 'round the kitchen. It was what I needed.

I woke up feeling a bit sick but mildly capable--much better than the last few weeks. I'm still down and still spooked, but it helped. I'm sad I was too tired to go to Hell with the Snoopy Gang. I was so tired, and for once felt peaceful enough to go right to sleep when I wanted.

Now I need to get ready for my interview. Gonna try not to stress it. I know Marla. Then I get to go to Gar's house. I can do this.