December 30th, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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This just in:

I am going to write a 'How Not to Live Life' tutorial book.

If you feel you have any valid input on how to live life inadequately, please do send me your anecdotes! If you're especially skilled in the art of foolish living, you may get a whole chapter in your name!

Don't you fear for space! I'm envisioning this as a 10-tomb series with extra supplements around the holidays. ;)

You just let me know if you want in! We can discuss and organise our own idiocy over tea and biscuits.

[/sarcastic ambiguous emo rant of beautiful cryptic proportions]

Oh, life, I so love sprinkling you in my tea every morning. But please, when are you going to start telling me each sunrise whether you've decided to be sugar or salt for the day?