December 15th, 2009

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The New Year's Meme

Every year I start thinking I've abused my livejournal - either neglected it or posted only stupid un-fun, un-Kiwi things. Then I get to surveys like this and realise I haven't. But then, if I live my life with some measure of wit and a full measure of Kiwish energy, how could my livejournal ever truly displease me?

Although I think I'm ditching the loudtwitter thing - I'll post the ones I love at the end of the day or something. Even though some people like reading them. I'd prefer for my livejournal to be a bit more organised. :)

Without further ado! The annual 'first lines of the month' meme for New Years - only I elongated it for some. :P

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Wow, it was a pretty epic livejournal year! Published post and Oh! the Places You'll Go and reading and procrastination! Oh...that does sound about right, doesn't it? Chuckles.

Now I think it's time to go pack so I can head home tomorrow. Oh my goodness that is just too much and too delightful to handle. ♥
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