December 10th, 2009

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Kiwi: [Asks question about the formality of the seminar and how much work was expected for preparation.]
Michael: [Expresses that it's not as much as I did.]
Kiwi: "Clearly I thinked about it too much..." [Pauses, freezes in shock.] "Thinked?"
Michael: "Thinked."
Kiwi: "My brain is also gone."

He knew about the test I have tomorrow, so I'm sure he understood why I have no brain to speak of. The lecture was wonderful - the relationship of science and technology within their united timeline.

The seminar was slow to start but eventually got up to speed. I brought up the problem of incentive within the foundation of science and the shifting priorities. I brought up the idea of consensus later on - of scientists and of the public - and discussed it for a while. It was a good discussion. Michael congratulated us in the end in that his opinion changed.

When I was about to leave I turned around and smiled at Nick. I thanked mumbled something about, "Just thanking for hosting this. It was wonderful. So thank you." He absolutely lit up, and thanked me for my contribution of concepts and discussion. I decided I spoke too much, he told me I hadn't and thanks again, it was good. He excitedly promised to pass on my thanks to Michael since I had specified I was thanking both of them. I really loved the discussion and thinking about the system of science as a whole, how much of it I simply don't agree with. Probably one of the main reasons I'm not drawn into the world of science on the academic front.

Emma took me to Mojos for a bite to eat. We discussed everything from being self-assured and not caring (to our own detriment) of what other people think to how one can be happy and wise in certain position in life but striving to eventually be stable enough in mind to be content with whatever position one is in, and not live in the delusions that destroy that tranquillity.

A third year was around whom Emma knew, so she called him over. Turns out he took Bob's Weed Biology as well - and that Bob (the professor) is one of his supervisors for his dissertation. The man is apparently as clueless out of the class room as well. Or, going by the student's experience, "He knows nothing." The boy got a 37 when he took the test. He told me there wasn't enough time to write down the answers because so many of them require a long-ish answer and we get 2 minutes per question. So yes, despite the fact that it's open-notebook, it will be incredibly tricky - although I'm not sure if it was open notebook for him.

Now it's twenty to three and I plan to go home and start revising. Going to go through and put sticky notes with what's on each page. Hopefully reading through it will help me as well - it's nothing conceptual, so there's nothing particularly for me to LEARN, just recognise and remember, especially if I then recall location... Argh. I am frustrated. But 24 hours from now it will be done. Hopefully 5 hours or so of revision tonight and 4 hours or so tomorrow morning will be enough. If not, I won't know what else I could have done anyway. At least the consensus is that this is one of the most ridiculous things we'll do - we're shooting to earn a mark a minute with this test, and it's not even an exam. After it all we do have is the exam.

Frak. This. Frakking. Course.
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