December 9th, 2009

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[+] I managed to wake up. ([-] I spent the time I usually shower sitting on my bed with my head in my hands, thinking about tests and stress and duedates.)

[+] Lecture was interesting and pleasant; the lecturer swore to good effect. ([-] I almost fell asleep from fatigue&stress.)

[+] Had lunch with Siege.

[-] Didn't work well in the library until the last minutes. ([+] Did finish reading the article.)

[+] Nice time at meditation society. Loten enjoyed my question on lucid dreaming. ([+] Yes, I actually asked a question.) Samatha also got me to speak on my thoughts on Emptiness. There was a murmur of agreement when I was through, and others started speaking more as well.

[-] It is now 5.10 and I still don't have my comments analysed for seminar tomorrow; I don't know what the presentation will actually be. I don't have much time this evening. I've started, and at least I understand the terms to bring up... short summary. I think I can do this. I'll try my best. I'm headed home in a minute, then over to Tom's to have the introductory session for a werewolf table roleplay game.

[+] Yes, I finally get to be a total dork.

[-] 25-question open-notebook test (so harder) worth 50% of my module mark on Friday in 50 minutes, two minutes per question, varying from fill-in-the-blank to paragraphs. Geeze, does that mean each question is worth two points of my freaking mark? Yeah, sometimes thinking of it makes me want to be sick, regardless. I'll be revising/organising 9 hours Thursday night/Friday morning, and that's more than anyone else I've if I don't get it from those revision sessions, I wouldn't know what else to do anyway. I'll try my best.

[+] I'm leaving now. Off and beyond! Trying not to let my mind's tranquility be affected so darn much. No rocking the boat!
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