November 27th, 2009

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i finished the writing. it is not an all-nighter. i am over word count and a lot of it is crap, but the assignment is naff, so there's not much any of us could do with that. it has sucked out my grammar. i be dead, but shall revive tomorrow.

tomorrow i will finish all the top-up, cut-down stuff before passing it in at 4. then i will be home free for stuff. like sleeping and writing and being cool.

i had one panic attack and it was mild and i handled it well. my hopes for this term was: start doing things early, no all-nighters, no panic attacks.

it's not the end of semester yet but i think i'm doing pretty well.

also i forgot that tomorrow is black friday or whatever until andrew pointed it out. apparently lots of money will be spent tomorrow. not by me. i won't even be paying for a sandwich, because i actually made one for tomorrow this time like a good little girl.

alright! time to finish watching glee (was watching it in 5-minute segments to get me through), read oh, the places you'll go once more and crash! shower and school tomorrow.
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