November 21st, 2009

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Kiwi [S] has been having a rough day and just found a picture of Lee Cabin looking fiesty when she randomly opened her UU hymn book while singing "Come, Come, Whoever You Are." Moments like these make her life magical just the way she hopes and dreams.

(from Facebook)

"Come, come, whoever you are, wanderer, worshipper, lover of leaving. Ours is no caravan of despair. Come, yet again come."

I'm sure I'll update more later but for now this made my life.

I should scan this picture some time. It was the second picture we took because the rolls from the first day didn't work, so we were all in regular clothing (well, for me regular wasn't regular) instead of fancy dresses or shirtless--don't remember what we had done for the first one.

For the second one we decided to show Lee cabin attitude.

The two girls I didn't really know (Sam and Gaelin or something) are in the back with a hood and a gesture. Grace is hugging our Big Brother, who is flipping off the camera. Grace is looking out over our heads instead of at the cam, giving the finger under Abby's face; she's looking where Grace is looking with a hand on her heart and her finger in a loose flip-the-birdy. Biza is behind her barely visible but happy. Sara is in front of them kneeling, grinning and looking powerful shile flipping off the camera. Aubrey-the-Spirit stands in the centre with her cargo shorts and skeleton shirt, hand over her heart and gazing up in the most feminine way, flipping off the camera. Jenny is behind me grinning and flipping the virdy over my shoulder.. And then there's me, beret on with spiked collar and rainbow tie and Star-Trek-like-shirt and flame boxers and leggings and chucks, hair hidden, turned slightly and gazing sidelong, giving a decidedly feminine but very 'you won't be able to frak with me, love' as I flip off the camera.

I remember. It was about being female and having attitude. Many ideas of female and attitude. It makes me smile.


Oh the memories of screaming that off the front porch of Lee, up in the hills. ♥ Hearing "Wellman, Wellman, FEAR THE FUCKING WELLMAN!" right back and remembering my year in there as well... And knowing how compassionate Lee Chicks are, all the love in our hearts to give...

Remembering things like that make me smile. And heal. And love. Rowe, yes, it is a beloved place. I am so elated to have found this picture at random - I didn't know it came to England with me, and here it was in a time of frustration as I work! I love you, Rowe. I love you, Lee.

Big smiles as she looks at the forest background.
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